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Helgen Reborn, SSE water--- should I patch it?



My question is in regard to a post I read from Arthmoor in the Helgen Reborn SSE forum post.

Arthmoor's Post      I came across this while doing some research after a helpful exchange I had yesterday with Hishutup in the RW2 forum.


#1. Unless the Helgen Reborn SSE mod is updated, would I be correct in thinking I could "carry forward" such changes by creating a "patch" in xEdit in the absence of such an update? If so, I'm thinking this would be the "recommended" action based on reading Arthmoor's post. Would anyone agree with this or not? If not, why, and what would you recommend instead?


#2. What does it mean to "carry forward changes" from another mod or plug-in? I read this phrase dropped from time to time, but I would like to know what that means. I think it means having the same records/values of a previous file (in terms of load order/ conflict winning)- perhaps treating the file as a master? I'm just not sure. I tend to think myself into a circuitous loop in this stuff, so any explanation to help me not do that with this phrase would be beneficial.


Thanks... And Merry Christmas day!

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Thanks, Tech. Yep, overthinking it. I watched that video and the technique is a littler different than another one I'd seen. In the video you posted, she patches by right clicking in the xEdit left pane on a formid. In a similar tutorial I watched on Youtube just next to hers it's done by right clicking on a plug-in's column in the right pane (top of column on header). Is there any notable difference in these two methods, or is it just tomato/tomatoe?


Imgur Screenshot I'm reviewing for conflicts as example

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Thanks Hish. So just leave it alone? I compared the records in my Skyrim 32 bit xEdit to SSE xEdit (just for Helgen Reborn in both cases loaded with masters) and there were literally 0 conflicts for Helgen Reborn in Oldrim but it shows several for the SSE version. That is what caused me some concern after reading Arthmoor's post. In short, I guess I'm not sure if I'm looking at something that is a real problem... or not. I interpret your post as it's a minor issue one can't sort with xEdit. Arhmoor's post to the author on Helgen Reborn read like it's easily fixable in xEdit, so I'm back to being confused.

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