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  1. There is no fix. It's a hard cap. You can confirm this in the STEP guides here-> link. Scroll to the very bottom and look for "VideoMemorySizeMB". There is a hightlighted notice by two light blue lines that confirms this from STEP testing. It reads as follows: I wish there was a fix. That's why SSE is preferred for stability by a lot of folks, at least if you want to take advantage of ENB and textures out the gazoo. Once skse64 is out along with some of the requisite mods like SkyUI, at least to me and a lot of other folks, there will be no going back to Oldrim. Until skse64, Oldrim is still probably the most "feature" rich relative to mods, in my opinion. TLDR> Regardless, the answer to your question is an unfortunate, "Crap... no".
  2. Thanks Grant. Over 50% of the space on all 3 of my drives is free. The game drive (a dedicated drive for Steam) SSE is on along with MO itself has 250 GB free space, so it must be the temp folder as you cited above. Man, I'm having a booger of a time with this thing. I thought perhaps UI mods, but a restored vanilla UI does the same thing. I am really at a loss.
  3. Afternoon, I am posting some images along with mod list and plug-in list so this doesn't seem another whiny thread about CTD, no details, wah-wah, fix my game with magic. Okay, so that aside, in my limited spare time after several weeks of conflict resolving (you can see several posts from me in the xEdit area) and testing , this challenge reared its head after finally sitting down to start an actual play-through this afternoon (crap). I'm at a bit of a loss. I experience seemingly random CTD's when looting bodies. I have a vanilla test file at level 11 well into the game I use to test mods as I add them, and a new save game just inside Helgen (the very beginning of the game I tried to start today). When looting "all" or looting items one-by-one really fast, the game is constantly CTD. Below is my modlist and plug-in list. I thought about perhaps ditching some of the game-play & script mods until getting past the Helgen opening, but when I could reproduce the same behavior on a vanilla save well into the game from a container too, I thought I must be dealing with a different problem than just intensive script load bottle-necking the game. In testing this didn't happen with the level 11 character, but now it's happening sporadically; however, it is consistent and immediate with the brand new save in Helgen. ModList Plug-in list (Exactly 85 active plugins with bash patch) Imgur screenshots of this in Wrye Bash below, too. I am using the most recent beta of MO2 by Le Presidente. I also managed to get a completely green-lit load order in Wrye bash without even so much as a single plug-in needing its masters sorted properly (green check boxes all the way down as seen here#1, here#2, here#3, here-last. You will notice several oldrim files that I ported over in the CK to get to header version 44. BSA files I only needed to convert for GDO. Nothing else required it, and if it wasn't simple sound files or a few scripts I just didn't use it to avoid the complexity of any future troubleshooting. I have a high number of patches, but I knew I would merge those into a bash patch. Lastly, after crashing, when trying to start MO, I occasionally get this error. However, I've noticed if I just give my PC about 15-30 seconds after crashing, that no longer happens, so I think I may have just tried to open xEdit a little too soon. Nevertheless, if I'm going to ask for help, I don't want to be guilty of not putting all the information in here that I can find. Anyone have any suggestions where to look, recommendations, or thoughts? I may be losing the forest for the trees here, so I thought it might be worth asking for some fresh eyes while I try to figure this out in the meantime. I will mark as solved, assuming I isolate the problem eventually, or someone else helps me ferret it out. Thx
  4. So others have the answer, I received the following answer from the author of the Winter is Coming - Cloaks SSE... Nivea herself, which is in the above conflict between Frostfall, WIC, and Wet & Cold. I am in an exchange now at that mod's forum page to gather more information for myself. I'm a nerd that way. That said, here is a link to the exact exchange should someone find themselves in a similar quandary in the future... here-> LINK. This link starts at Nivea's answer to my above question in my OP.
  5. So I'm nearly at the end of conflict resolving my load order and I run into a fuchsia-colored critical conflict. It involves Frostfall, Winters is Coming (+Cloaks of Skyrim) and Wet&Cold. I'm at a bit of a loss on this one, and would appreciate any help I can get. A screenshot of the conflict & records is here-> Imgur Screenshot. I tried a patch, but I"m not sure if I'm doing the right thing here. The majority of the conflicts are not red text, but orange- mostly all being overwritten by Wet&cold with a zero (0) value under all the CNAM color values.
  6. I have found the following error repeated in several plug-in files, when "checking" errors in xEdit for SSE. I believe this is really just a "phantom" problem, but I am curious, nonetheless. I have no issues with black faces or anything like that, not from what I've seen in some light testing. I have found this in multiple plug-ins from authors I respect, so that's even another reason to feel it's not a serious issue (i.e. Helgen Reborn, Cutting Room Floor, & Falskaar). That said, can anyone enlighten me on what I'm seeing? My question is really just motivated by curiosity. I use RS Children, so I'm thinking, since this is only one of those records and absolutely nowhere else do I see this, then perhaps it's resulting from xEdit not finding the "vanilla" record it expects to find? If that's true though, why wouldn't I see a ton of records for mods like UNP, Apachii Hair, etc...? Thanks to anyone for any wisdom or education on this. -Annoyingly Curious
  7. Quick update. All appears to be working well. I have dramatically improved functionality compared to my previous install in the game directory. The warning icon about files in overwrite works, and drag/drop from overwrite works now too! I do see one minor item. I say minor, because we are in beta after all, but after dragging and dropping from overwrite, I experience a MO crash whenever trying to run another tool. For example, I make an xEdit patch, drag/drop, and then run LOOT for the patch. LOOT will not start due to the crash. This is what used to happen after making a patch with my "corrected" install. Just re-start and no biggie. I would like to confirm however that others are experiencing the same problem; otherwise, absent any company in this 1st world problem, I will have obviously messed something up... again.
  8. Sweet! Grant, it works. Just made a tiny test patch and sure enough, drag & drop straight from overwrite into the mod file just like good ole' MO 1.3.11 for oldrim. Thanks, bud! Did the "portable" version like you suggested and all is well so far. I'll look at some more stuff tomorrow. Time to hit the rack.
  9. Grant-- As usual, your answers are awesome. Thank you so very much!! Very clear. I will do that. I'll post if I hit a snag, but the last part about no registries really helped assuage any fear, so moving it like you're saying should be pretty easy- even for me. Thanks, again. I'm going to make a direct link on the mod's page on Nexus to your post here for those that might have the same question. I don't know about others' opinions, but your response ought to be considered for a sticky on the mod page or made part of a sticky. A really good installation sticky might help some folks avoid making some of the mistakes you admonish against. Thanks again!!
  10. I posted this on MO2 Nexus forum in case other users there can advise, but I know "official" support is . I think I have a custom install after moving my MO2 install into the game directory (SSE). I initially installed in appdata, and then changed the base directory as attached in this screenshot of my install paths. I did all of this before doing anything or installing mod#1. How can I best go about uninstalling this current installation and correcting to a "portable" install without deleting all of my mod installation, which is almost up to mod#200? I don't' want to have to start from scratch again, if I can avoid it. Copy of my post on Nexus-> here
  11. Thanks, Le Presidente! Just downloaded the new beta. Any chance a "change log" summary could be posted here or on the mod page for the changes in 2.08.2b from 2.08.1b? From github, I think the LOOT plug-in forced reload after sort is addressed. I'll figure that out shortly, but I'm sure folks would find such information useful, and would appreciate it. Regardless, thanks for picking up MO2 after Tannin. I didn't think I'd get to use it with SSE, but am doing so and very much appreciate it. Edit: From another thread I saw the following from another user: Solved Issue 9: For SSE, Wrye Bash does not deactivate the merged plugins in MO Issue 10: For SSE, MO keeps reactivating plugins that have been manually unchecked. Happens everytime you open MO and everytime you launch a program via MO.
  12. Not sure how many folks are aware just yet, but I just caught Cal's Farewell to Gaming video regarding Dirty Weasel moving on from its content near and dear to all on this forum. Video here. I'm sure all of us will miss Cal and his help introducing so many to modding and how to do it right. Here's hoping the right inspiration will find its way to Dirty Weasel so that perhaps it may one day return. Will be missed. Farewell and Godspeed to you, Cal. Best wishes in your new endeavors.
  13. Gemling Queen Jewelry is one, Le Presidente. Here is the SSE mod link
  14. As an update, I received a message this morning from Github indicating this issue is now resolved and fixed by Le Presidente. I actually had a few messages with one especially indicating that he plans to release another update with a few more bugs fixed, and that this would be one of them. I just can't seem to find the right link. Once found, I will post it here. In the interim, this is the Github link showing this "bug" as officially confirmed closed by Le Presidente, so it appears the fix is inbound with the next update. Source-> Github bug fixed here Note to moderator: Any chance we could mark this as solved considering the closed bug report? Edit: I think this is the link I posted about earlier showing the process 5 error as fixed here
  15. Thanks. I do hope the patch I made works. My question though was more at the header of the first screenshot. I marked it with it some black dots. The fact that the topic directly under the header was different with a conflict is what threw me. I've not see that before, and thought maybe something was amiss.
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