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Hi Everyone,


First of all I am very happy with the guide that Neo has created, the attention to detail in the guide is excellent and it has been very enjoyable to install SR:LE.  The world is mesmerizing. However, I am experiencing some crashes my first day and I was wondering if you all could help me diagnose and fix them.


Here are my system specs: 

Windows 7 64-bit

i5-4690k @3.5GHz

8GB RAM (upgrading to 16GB RAM soon)

R9 280X DD Black Edition (upgrading to GTX 1070 soon)

SR: LE installed on a 100GB SSD partition


I installed SR:LE on highest settings in anticipation of upgrading my hardware. I feel like some of my crashes may be related to not having enough RAM, and I will upgrade, but hopefully I can find out for sure.  Is there a program like PrecisionX for AMD GPUs that I can use to check my RAM usage like you say in the guide? EDIT: I think I can find one on my own :)


I did some basic stability testing by setting "tcl on" and by setting "player.setav speedmult 1500" and running through the world really fast. I experience some stuttering but I don't crash.


Crash 1) Freezes when rapidly scrolling through hair styles

Crash 2) Create character>>allow mods to load and MCM to initialize>>configure MCM for "A matter of time" "Auto unequip ammo" and "Bathing in skyrim">>I load MCM for Better Vampires>>window is blank>>exit menu, try again>>Freezes on MCM Better Vampires menu.

Crash 3) Crashes when I load the save that just experienced crash #2

Crash 4) Freezes when I sleep in the bed for Alternative Start and attempt to load the College of Winterhold start. (Works on another attempt)


One final thing, after creating the SR:LR Profile mod at the end of the guide, I ran the game and there was an skse folder with hdtphysicsextension files in my overwrite, so I moved that into my SR:LR Profile mod to clear my overwrite. Was this correct?


Thank you for your time!

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