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Found 6 results

  1. Discussion topic: Configurable Notification Messages by MaskedRPGFan Wiki Link Script-based, only run when using MCM + ESP-FE plugin. Allows you to use MCM to change the number of notifications displayed on the screen, fade speed, size and position. It works automatically with any mod that modifies the GUI, because it doesn't modify any files, so it doesn't require any patches. I wanted to also recommend Notification Log SSE (by Fudgyduff) to go with it as it's an essential tool IMHO (how many times have you missed a notification because you were focusing on something else and wondered what it was). But I can't since it's not been updated for, and it doesn't work with, SSE 1.6.x. Fortunately this mod's MA is planning to add a notification log feature in the future.
  2. Discussion topic: Classic Sprinting Redone (SKSE64) by Vermunds Wiki Link SKSE plugin. Consistency with Oldrim and most other PC games: hold the key instead of toggle. Not much else to say. Install or uninstall at your leisure according to preferences.
  3. Discussion topic: Favorite Things - Extended Favorites Menu for SkyUI by uranreactor Wiki Link Replaces a SkyUI interface file (SWF). It's just a graphical asset, like a texture or mesh, so can be installed/uninstalled/swapped at will. Provides faster scrolling, fits more entries in the list, fits longer entry texts without truncating. Standard or full height menu sizes. Left- or right-hand side menu position. Many variants to choose from. Try and pick according to preferences. See screenshots on Nexus mod page. Useful with Essential Favorites and Favorite Misc Items where you're likely to favorite more items that you might typically do. Not needed with Dear Diary Dark Mode as it's built into it along with several other UI mods. Despite what some users may report, it works just fine with Extended Hotkey System in my experience. It just needs to overwrite the latter.
  4. Discussion topic: Simple Activate SKSE by powerofthree Wiki Link SKSE plugin with customizable INI configuration. Offers several activate prompt customization options, such as: Hide activate button ( [E] ) Hide activate text (Take, Harvest, Sleep) Streamlined indicator with customizable colors for Steal/Pickpocket/Owned/Locked/Empty Hide or create custom tags for Locked/Empty Removing ALL activate prompts for NPCs/activators/containers/doors/furniture/items/flora/projectiles (this will override above options) Please see screenshots on the Nexus mod page. I love this mod. I'm a big fan of minimalistic UI for maximum "immersion". I've been using the default settings which remove all prompts except the color-coded name of the object/NPC, but I reverted the 'Custom Locked tag for all locked items' to vanilla (i.e. showing the lock level). Some gotchas: As noted in the comments section, if an item uses a Activate Text Override, it won't be shown by this mod if the activation text is configured to be hidden. It's not an issue for any vanilla activator as far as I'm aware, but some mods may use this text override to display some additional message. Also noted in the comments section, the Locked status doesn't update in real time when using No Lockpick Activate (SKSE) - Updated.
  5. Discussion topic: Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI by uranreactor Wiki Link Fixes overlapping in MCM menus. Accepted for 2.0.0
  6. Discussion topic: Regional Save Names by powerofthree Wiki Link
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