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Project Beauty ESM

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Just a quick question with regards to FO Remastered/Project Beauty.  


The guide states that you move the Project Beauty.esm to Optional, however upon running LOOT, there is an error generated by the Blackened FWE - MMM - EVE - Project Beauty plugin saying that the Project Beauty.esm is missing.  Can someone clarify what needs to be done here please?  For the moment I have re enabled the PB.esm to stop the error being generated in LOOT.




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In the initial installation Project Beauty.esm and 2 other esm files are unticked and not loaded. The guide then says "After installation Move the Project Beauty.esm plugin from the Optional Merged Version to the main window". By doing these steps the merged version of the esm will be used. It sounds like you didn't do the second step of moving the merged plugin into the main part of the mod folder.

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