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Scroll Wheel Equip by Chesko


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Chesko is at it again - haven't messed with this in game, but as an alternative to hotkeys for weapon switching (doesn't do spells, just weapons/shields) it may be a nice addition.




Apparently, he did some black magic and wrote this in about 2 hours, and then 6 hours of polishing. He even posted then entire process in video form (he was live-streaming it... O.o ). I am now more convinced than ever that Chesko must have a pact with the Daedra - it's the only possible explanation.

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Well... I guess you could add the functionality and re-release - he specifically called out that as part of the MIT license, so...


Of course, that DOES mean you'd have to know HOW to do that, and I clearly don't, as I'm pretty sure it's magic.

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