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Spice of Life



I've been making a TTW patch for Spice of Life and i found a few problems with the F&L install.


The PN compatibility patch for SoL directs the sunglasses to nonexistent meshes. I made a patch based on the original file to correct it.


There were a few more inconsistencies between the plugins, but it's nothing you'd see in x-edit because the patch overrides the original.


I can post a link to the fixed patch if you like.


Secondly, do the visors/enhanced vision of the repaired items from Spice of Life not work for anyone else? I added a a Ranger Helmet, a repaired Rogue Ranger Helmet and some energy cells to my character. The Ranger Helmet worked, the Rogue one didn't. Also, there were no visor effects for the Ray Bans.


I think the script injecting the items to the PN list is broken. I don't know how to fix it, but I've made a patch for the list that can easily be merged in. I could share this as well if I get confirmation. I don't know if I am just missing something else.

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I know about the first problem from the non-existent meshes. I reported it to the mod author and my a fix myself as well. I believe there were a couple other errors I reported as well. Those may have been fixed though. It's been so long I can't remember.


I did have working Rogue Helmets and Ray Bans. They aren't using script injection AFAIK. It's done with a Formlist. Maybe it didn't merge properly with wrye flash.

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Ah! There is a script that puts the items in the formlist, but for some reason my copy's script was corrupted. I wish I had thought to check that before I hand-edited a patch that does the same thing. It's working well now. 


A quick fix for the meshes issue is to copy the meshes and rename them to suit the PN patch if anyone doesn't want to dig through the esp. Might be worth mentioning in the guide.


Users can make two copies of "1nivraybanm.nif" and rename them "ncr_civ_glassesgold_m.nif" and "ncr_civ_glassessilv_m.nif" and two copies of "1nivraybanm_go.nif" and rename them to to "ncr_civ_glassesgold_m_go.nif" and ncr_civ_glassessilv_m_go.nif".



Also could rename "textures\armor\1nivfnvsl\1nivheadgear\rayban\icon" to "1nivapperal_shades.dds" to "apperal_shades.dds".
This is a workaround so that you aren't smacked with a giant red diamond on your face.


Also, while I'm thinking about it - the Poco Beuno newspapers do this awful flickering thing. I hid textures\architecture\urbanstreetlitter01_n.dds and most of that vanished. 


Thanks a lot!

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