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Fear & Loathing in New Vegas: New Player Tips and Tricks

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soo.. I've played the behind out of Fallout 1 and 2, I've practically lived in Skyrim for years, but I've never played Fallout 3, New Vegas or Fallout 4. So I could use a couple of pointers for a new player (especially one who uses Fear and Loathing as I'm guessing some things change).



I have a few questions myself, but feel free to add to it.





  • Is it possible to max all skills in the endgame without cheesing?
  • Is the Wild Wastelander trait (or what it's called) too immersion breaking?
  • Are any stats more important than others, and why?
  • Should I not max a stat at chargen?
  • I've read that charisma sucks because you can just skill up speech/barter. True/False?
  • Insert own


Character Builds


I was thinking about making a stealth arch.. uhm.. sneaky ranged character, but one that still was able to repair, lockpick, talk etc. I'm most likely going to be playing solo - although I will try out the companions and see if I feel for them (Inigo in Skyrim doesn't make me excited).


What stats would you recommend I start out with to fulfill such a role? (I'd hate to find out later in the game that I'm screwed because I have 1 or 2 less agi or luck or whatever)





Not quite, but a general idea of what to do first so it follows the story somewhat chronological.




Other Tips and Tricks


Feel free to enlighten me :P

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My answers... which are solely IMO :P

Stats/Skills/Traits questions

You'll Max Out WAY b4 IF you leave the EXP gain the same throughout.  Leave it till lvl 20 then put it down to 25% or something.

You should go for the Wild Wasteland.  No its not Immersion breaking at all.  Fits real nice :D Especially w/ EssArrBee's Guide :D

Tag Science, Repair and Lockpicking... and Lvl that S#1T up to Max 1st :P

Charisma does suk take all the points out of it.  Don't lvl anything to max.  

I like this Guide for Char CreationStrength=3 (4) Perception=5 (6) Endurance=8 (9) Charisma=1 Intelligence=9 (10) Agility=6 (8) Luck=8 (9)

Since We have the Project Nevada Mods... We can Have a Perk Every Level.  Use the trait that adds 1point to special.  (4get what its called) when you want :P


FAQ?  No man.  Plenty out there for yea :P BUT here's where A Lot of us go.=Chk out the "Bug" sections on quests/areas.  Add me on Steam if yea want a quick tip.  Same name as here.  


I will give you a rundown what I do. I stay in Goodsprings for a While.  When I do leave I play the Main quest AND the side Quests all on down thru Primm n around to Novak,188 and Vegas.  Few stops in between ofc.  Not Really Spoilers... but w/e

Mod quests by Novak and Best Seller in Town. +Player Home.  Finish the Mod that adds a Casino to Primm=$$$ every week when finished :D  lol and you'll need it for the Price of Guns xD  But don't see Mr. House till you want to move the story on.  At a Certain Point in the Main Quest Line, All of the REP w/ Factions will be reset to Neutral.

Other than that... Play the Game xD


Have Fun! :D

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  • Wild Wasteland is in the same vein as the old Fallout easter eggs, fun references that make for a whacko experience, but made optional because some people don't really like that (which is fine). You'll have to figure out for yourself, it does a pretty good job of letting you know when it's just an easter egg and not some serious part of the experience though (through the small message in the top left corner). Lots of Doctor Who references.  ::P:
  • Not really any "better skills" IMO, thinking that way takes a way from a large part of the experience, which is having to make sacrifices in some regards to gain advantages in others.
  • Charisma is also tied to something called Companion Nerve, which modifies how good your companions are, so if you're playing in hardcore mode (companions are not essential) with 1 Charisma I would expect your friends to die quickly. More Perks also make the weaker attributes better because there's more perks tied to their levels.
  • You will never be screwed because you have too little of an attribute, you just need to improvise.  ::D: There's always the perk for raising attributes. Agility is obviously important for stealth characters using ballistic weaponry. They (the attributes) all have pretty good descriptions IMO.
  • Follow the main quest to Vegas, doing all the quests you find along the way, unless they are horribly boring of course, then you can go wherever you want. For DLC order check out my FAQ thread.


Best tip I can think of is making sure you've gone through your MCM menus properly. Also, trying to get some good routines around ammo crafting can come in handy. Especially if you use one of the weapon packs since they clutter the shopkeeper inventories a lot (something I've tried to combat in my pack to some extent, but it's still a WIP).

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