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Bug with weapons in FNV



After almost 4 days modding New Vegas with the Fear and Loathing tutorials, i'm finilly done! The game is running perfect, with good fps also. BUT i have some strange bug when i have a weapon out, see pics:

fWBSXeI.jpg^ 1st person with zoom

I2OnR5Y.jpg^ 1st person

And its the same in 3rd person, all my shoots goes to uper left (where the gun is pointing) and not to the center of the screen, where the cross is.

I don't know this game or the mods for it yet, so i'm lost with this problem.

Any suggestion?

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Must be an animation bug of some sort, try redoing New Vegas - Enhanced Camera, Weapon Animation Replacers & WAR-Enhanced Camera compatibility pack, then report back.


Also, if you post in the F&LNV - Support subforum next time, I will probably see your post much sooner.  :;):

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Reinstalled and a few weapons are working now in 3rd person view, also the starter rifle in 1st person, but nothing works if i press the zoom button (LB).

Another game that i will leave for when i get a better PC... Tkx anyway.

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