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Hi there,


I am following the STEP guide from scratch using a new installation of Skyrim. In the section '2.A Loot Sorting & Patches' mention is made of STEP Patches. Could someone explain to me what these are and who should use them? What is meant by 'saving plugin slots'?


These patches are also mentioned at the very top of the guide:

Notice: This is the Current version of the STEP Guide. Don't forget to visit STEP on the Nexus to download the STEP Patches and to endorse STEP if you are a returning user. Thanks and enjoy the guide!


There is a compilation of mods on that page - 'Step Compilation Installer'. I checked and some of these mods are not included in the actual guide itself. Are these mods supplementary to the guide? 

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A "patch" is something that make two or more mods work together without conflict. The STEP Patches are the same thing but allow for all the mods in the STEP Guide to work harmoniously together. Everyone should use the STEP Patches who are not creating their own custom patch; even then the STEP Patches can be used as a base for your custom patch. The STEP Patches are installed with the STEP Compilation.


The STEP Compilation is a collection of mods which used to be individual mods within the Guide. We've simply combined them for ease of install.

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