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Body and armor IMPACT compatibility



Hi, All!


I've found that body replacers and some armor and clothes are not compatible with skinned decals (wounds) that are increased by IMPACT mod. I used previously the same tweaks, plus multithreaded decals and tweaked spray distance. (fSprayDecalsDistance=96.000000 and bDecalMultithreaded=1 additions to IMPACT settings). But with Type3 bodies and lots of armor/clothes wound marks are not appeared. I.e. we have spray, blood on the walls and ground but not marks on skinned geometry.


One of the Nexus users have found the solution. It is described in the second post here: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/725582-adding-wounds-for-dimonized-females-and-breezes-males/


Idea is in the reordering nodes in model in the way where main body is placed most up in the list. I've tested this solution on the currently installed female and male body meshes (except of selection of the other node corresponding to the main body part). It works. But STEP installation introduces a lot of armor and clothes replacemets and addition. Armor and closes work in FO3 like outer body replacements. So node ordering should be important in armor/clothes models too.


Question: is there a way to change it in automated mode or users that desire to see wound decals on all bodies, clothes and armor should adjust them in NifScope one by one? ::):

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