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Archive2 Guide



Archive2 is the official tool from Bethesda to package mod-archive (.ba2).


Especially interesting since it allow to package archive optimized for textures.



Wiki Link



Currently looking for knowledgeable people to improve the guide. Or potentially just testers willing to spend hours comparing the data stored in archives with similar files but different settings :P 

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I'm willing to do both. I mean this by no offense, but your guide was a bit confusing at the bottom. That though has more to do with me since when you were referencing archives, I got confused if you were talking about zips or the ba2. here's the instructions that I found that helped me: 

1. Extract the .zip from the download into a temporary folder.

2. Navigate to "Tools\Archive2" inside the fallout 4 folder. And open Archive2.exe

3. Drag the extracted folder named "Textures", from where you extracted the downloaded .zip, onto the Archive2 interface. Can take a while, the program may be unresponsive, just wait.

4. In Archive2 press "Archive -> Settings", in format choose "laugh.gifDS". Press OK.

5. Then "File -> Save" or "CTRL + S", and choose the Data folder and the name "TextureOptimizationProject - Textures.ba2". Wait til done.

6. Open up the Creation kit and load up the fallout4.esm.

7. When loaded, simply save a new plugin by pressing the "floppy disk icon" or "File -> Save". Name it TextureOptimizationProject.esp

8. Activate it for loading in NMM or through the mods menu ingame. Then you're done.''




If possible, I'd also appreciate instructions of how to verify that the pack is working. It's sometimes hard for me with textures to tell the difference. 

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