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Rock solid 30 FPS



no matter what i do with the setting in INI files, though mostly is the Skyrim Project INI tool that handles it but if i go form low to ultra, move back and forth the view distance, foliage or detail, I can change form a resolution o 1080 to a full 4K and in ultra settings

                                                          FPS is monitored by Skyrim Performance Monitor and is absolutely stable at 30FPS. I thought that maybe the program wasn't working but GPU temperature and VRAM usage agree with other monitoring tool that i am using at the same time, so Skyrim Performance Monitor is working,. so i give for god that 30FPS. I console to TGM and speedmult to 600 and yet the 30FPS remain there no matter what or were i go into the game....


I truly do not understand what is going on, my Nvidia drivers are up to date


Should I have a way higher FPS with a GTX980 4G and an almost vanilla Skyrim? No textures, no scripted mods..... i am just starting my planed play through so i have very little mos like Invesment price conficuration, carriages, SKSE. SkyUI, a matter of time and so on, very light mods, yet no matter how low i go in settings or how high i go in settings  ----- 30 FPS


I would really appreciate any comment guys

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At the moment i haven-t installed any ENB, I know about the enblocalini and limiting to 60 when installing a ENB preset, but currently my installation folder has not any enblocal.ini , I didn't know that Nvidai Inspector can limit frame rate.... and i can't find were, because i don't come with any ideas about what could be causing it


The most amazing thing is that playing at 4K with all the setting maxed up, and running like crazy all over Skyrim, the frame rate does not move down to 30. Some times there is a small two three frames drop, but it last not even a second... I just don.t understand what is going on....


By the way, all my settings in both game .ini's and setting in the Graphic Card are following by the letter the STEP page, just when i find this problem i started to max up things, anisotrophic and anti-aliasing are as STEp recommend to 4 and 0 (app controlled)

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Ok it has been a short while whilst i looked into it

First my Nvidia inspector is set according STEP guides and the above provided linked.. One thought that i do not know if it is normal, when i set up Nvidia Inspector i set it the profile for "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and STEP + link above settings, once i close Nvidia inspector and reopen it, it is set again to "#_GLOBAL_DRIVER_PROFILE (Base Profile)".... Of course, needles to say, i click on "Apply Changes" every single time



In Nvidia inspector the "Frame Rate Limiter" is set to -None


I installed the last Boris v0.304 + last Crash Fix ENBoost form Boris to (less shuttering version). In enblocal.ini FPSLimiter=60.

In the other hand my both ini game settings are set with "spINI.exe" acording to STEP. In my case to High but views distance customized.   I have doubts about -Post_Load Update Time set to 2000, by the same application "spINI.exe" .... Should be higher/Lower??. I see here and there been recommended to 500---???


My Nvidia drivers up to date -- 361.91

Using Windows 7 Pro for the game


Monitor is a Philips 40" at 3804x2160  --  In Control Panel/Display/Screen Resolution the monitor is running at 30HZ, but i do not see any feature which could limit FPS  -  The advanced tab shows the proper monitor at the set resolution.


One thing strange here,  -Control Panel/Display..Advanced settings.. driver details NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 --/Properties/Driver/Driver Details tab.... shows a "File version "UGLY Version 2.1 Build_233" that it is not the driver Nvidia 361.91 that GForce Experience shows (361.91)........ It is there any inconsistency or it is just the well known Windows many-no-sense things???

I do not have any other software that could control FPS as far i am aware of


My rig is as i said a GTX980G and a i7 5820K (no OC) ... i can put in spINI.ex the lowest or Ultra setting, does not matter, nor where into the game i go or move..... frame rate ALWAYS 28/30FPS.


Game is pretty stable 176.esp's (a good bunch of them Mathor script merged within those 176.esp's), i can play for hours without any CTD.


Really, not the slightest clue about what is going on....... hahahahahhaha

Any suggestions??  --- It will be very much welcomed


Thank you guys for your care and time (Sorry indeed for the text wall) --- Heal Skyrim  :)

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Hei my monitor is a Philipis BDM4065uc  40" 4k and even with the latest driver from Philips i have not option to 30Hz, nevertheless the information i got when i bought it in the box, says that is 4K 60HZ if HDMI or Display Port, I use HDMI but not options to 60HZ

Something i must be doing wrong.....

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