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  1. Hi, So, LOOT is reporting a deleted navmesh error in the NewVegasBountiesII.esp file. A quick check in FNVEdit confirms this. Navmesh deletions are well known to cause instant CTDs when a player reaches the area in question. It might be a good idea to remove this from the guide for now? I was so looking forward to trying the missions out too :(
  2. hi folks. Note on SVD Dragunov rifle - if using the CALIBR update, either delete the original ZL-SVD.esp or if using MO move it to optional ESPs section. Should only have the ZL-SVD-CALIBR.esp file active.
  3. I cleaned all my DLC at once too... is doing so known to cause problems? I got exactly the same ITMs on each DLC module as listed.Will re-download from steam & do individually if required though!
  4. bitdman, thanks for the link. Followed that guide to remove the error entry in the formid list, re-create my bashed patch, and everything still working fine. woohoo! :) Going to slowly add more of the mods in the guide back in.
  5. hi bitdman, for me, it is the ENB that caused the blacked out pipboy. I already worked around the broken main menu/cursor issue by removing the bashed patch. I'll use the info in that post so I can get my bashed patch back! So. I've not compeltely narrowed it down, but I re-enabled the ENB dll after changing the following settings in enblocal.ini: [ANTIALIASING] EnableEdgeAA=false EnableAccumulativeAA=false [FIX] FixGameBugs=true FixTransparencyBugs=trueNot sure whether its the AA or AccumulativeAA or either of the [FIX] options. I'm kind of all done in as far as testing goes & just want to play for a bit. I'll try each thing later and report back. Regardless, it *definitely* works now - so I've got ENBoost features back & a working pipboy. Yippee!
  6. and I can't believe it. It WAS the ENB causing the blank pipboy. So weird, especially considering it's basically disabled in enbseries.ini ! I think I might miss the memory features of ENBoost though, so maybe more messing around required. Thanks for sticking around & helping out :)
  7. thanks for looking Kelmych. I'd done the same myself, but was worried I might have missed or overlooked something that someone with more experience might know to keep an eye out for! AFAIK the settings in both FO3 and FNV are broadly similar in my setup, and it is specific to FO3. I was wondering about disabling the ENB(oost-ish) just in case it was an unusual bug. I'll try that and a few other things later. Have already switched colours (the blue is nice, and my new favourite in both games) and I tried moving some stuff around in the dUI settings page. As a last-ditch attempt, I'm trying to get in touch with Gopher - hoping his experience in creating the a/i/u HUD mods could offer some insight. Will post again with any more info I find out/dig up. Cheers!
  8. I'm pretty sure it's not the brightness bug, the pipboy is its usual self other than the display being blacked out. Brightness setting is slightly below centre. Textures set to Large. The main menu is fine. Pipboy appears at bottom left just before main menu loads. DarnUI works fine. I'll have a look at those screenshots and try comparing but I didn't install most of the UI section though as I was trying to keep things as simple as possible. dUI, FWE, and FWE patch for dUI. I've tried adding uHUD to that, with no impact at all. like i said, for that tiny split second - just a few ms at most - the pipboy display is there & looks clear. It just gets blacked out almost instantly on opening. it does this every time I 'open' the pipboy.
  9. following on from last post: Stripped back install to fixes, UI mods (inc supplemental), textures, and the Fallout HD sound thing. Same problem. No main menu. Removed bashed patch. Main menu appears!! Game seems to be working almost fine, buuuut... Now my pipboy's display is blank. When I press B to open it, it does -for a split second- appear, then it's like its covered over by a black rectangle the exact size of the display. Can only see it if I open & close pipboy quickly. The bottom row of the pipboy flashes on then seems to be covered over or blanked out. I have no idea how to fix this. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Also, no idea why the bashed patch would cause the main menu not to work. I followed the instructions on the guide exactly. TBH, just getting the game to work with FWE and some nice textures + a few fixes would be fine for right now. If I could just get the pipboy to display anything. Oh... the chargen display was blank too, though I could use my controller to go through the options as if they were there & select/build a character from memory. All the surrounding chargen & pipboy textures are there and working correctly. Just the little fuzzy screens are blank.
  10. That's great news! Can you say exactly how you did it, please?
  11. Cleared my F3 dir after making a backup. Used FOMM (old) to install all the 'unified' UI section until aHUD which required the newer version of FOMM to compile the script. Used the new FOMM to install aHUD, iHUD, and uHUD. Had *nothing* else installed. Manually added the [Fonts] section to fallout.ini. Game loads, menu works, all good! Made a rar file containing only the files installed by all those mods, reverted to previous installation from backup, added new mod archive into my MO as a complete 'mod'. Guess what? Still no frickin' main menu !!! I dunno. I get the feeling something is over-riding some required changes. It's not a file overwrite as I'd see that in MO. I'm going to try to narrow things down later today. Maybe try putting the FWE compatible DarnUI esp at the end of the load order. Or try without a bashed patch.
  12. While modding Skyrim with MO there were several mods that made use of custom mini INI files that seemed to over-write small parts of skyrim.ini or skyrimprefs.ini Is this an intrinsic part of Skyrim or of MO? If it's part of Mod Organizer, can it be applied to the Fallout games? for example, it'd be great to add a 'darnifiedui.ini' to dUI that contained just the [Fonts] section, meaning I didn't need to add it to fallout.ini manually. Thanks for any light shed on this!
  13. *every* file inside any subfolder in the darnified UI folder was gone. The .esp & readme etc in the bottom level were still there. I've gotten a hold of the non-fork version of FOMM and if you think it's worth it I can try installing the whole of the UI section using it instead of FOMM - Fork. I've about half a mind to backup this entire installation, create a fresh one and do FOMM installs of the entire UI section using FOMM exclusively so I can create a big archive that can be installed in MO without all the intermediate steps & overwrites. Anyway, the bit I don't understand... this last attempt, all I've installed from the "The Need for Unified HUD Project" section is Darnified UI (i included the hotfix, although I know the fwe patch renders it obsolete - it lets me use the same mod listing whether FWE works or not), then FWE - part 1, 2, hotfix, and FWE DarnUI patch for FWE. Why would this cause the no main menu bug? I'm not overwriting with any of the subsequent mods AFAICT. edit: Tried adding Unified HUD Project to this using FOMM - Fork. Still get no main menu. If I un-check FWE on the left pane and make a new bashed patch then the game & menu both load just fine. This is nutso!
  14. hi AcesofDeath7. Discovered those folders were empty - filled them back up and game loads properly now... as long as FWE & the FWE patched darnifiedui.esp aren't loaded.
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