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TES5Edit Patching Practices


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Working on making a few things play nicely together with regards to some NPC changes, and I'm wondering how much I need to worry about forwarding Tint records. For reference - I'm using the USLEEP changes as a base, then putting a few NPC mods that alter appearances on top of that. Some of the records are easy to understand, but there are a BUNCH of tint layer records, and I have no clue what those are. My though thought process is that the later NPC alterations should be forwarded over USLEEP, since they are (presumably) needed to get the intended look... but I've been wrong lots of times before...

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When you have plugins for NPCs changing their appearance, then the Tints, Morphs, Head Textures etc of this plugin(s) should win the conflicts.

These records are tightly connected to the facegen data of these cosmetically altered NPCs.


This means that in most case there will not be any green color in your patch in TES5Edit.

This is normal and it is mostly the case when you are patching plugins with NPCs (Actors)


Hope this helps! :)

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It does, on both accounts. I am finding a few records that won't go green regardless of which plugin 'wins' in a few tint records, which is odd, but from the looks of the few of them I've seen in game so far, it looks like I got it right.


Thanks for the support - outstanding as always.

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