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STEP Extended - MO Screenshot Examples



I have uploaded an album on Imgur that shows an example of a Extended install in MO. I have also included a screenshot illustrating the instructions for SKSE.


For ease of reference, I have removed any mods I installed on top of STEP for these screenshots.


Always remember to closely follow the STEP instructions. Due to the nature of LOOT, your plugin list in the right pane may not look 100% like mine. This is just an example of one setup.


Also note that the text version of the STEP guide (i.e. the wiki) will always be more up-to-date than the linked videos. The videos are there to give you a general idea of how it is done, but for the specifics, always follow the text of the STEP wiki!


Lastly, when you download these mods in MO, you will have some items in the "Version" field in red, and possibly slightly different names for the mods in the left pane. This is just how I set it up (telling certain mods to ignore updates, etc.), along with creating the categories in MO to fit the STEP categories. No need to worry about these things for a standard STEP install, as they don't affect the game, and only help with organizing MO.



[spoiler=First screenshot description]

This is what a STEP Extended Skyrim mod install should look like upon completion in Mod Organizer.


Note that the individual plugin load order on the right pane may vary slightly. This is inherent in LOOT. If LOOT doesn't sense that a plugin needs to moved in the load order, it doesn't move it. This can result in different (but similar) load orders having the same desired effect.


In the first screenshot, you will notice a mod not in STEP, Memory Blocks Log. This is a good tool to determine if the SKSE memory patch is working right. If not using it to test, leave it unticked.


The Hi-Res texture packs and the Unofficial High res patch are dummy plugins, and should be unticked in the right pane.


The "Weapons & Armor_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.esp " is one of the four mods merged into the bashed patch, and after creating the bashed patch it is automatically left unticked.






[spoiler=Second screenshot description]

"GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp" is another of the four mods merged into the bashed patch.






[spoiler=Third screenshot description]

"Complete Crafting_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.esp" is yet another of the four mods merged into the bashed patch.


"FarmhouseChimneysCRF.esp" will not be in your plugin list if you follow STEP. The Farmhouse Chimneys CRF patch has not been updated for USLEEP, and requires using Mator's update script to make it work. I have disabled and highlighted it to let you know to ignore it, as this plugin will not be in a standard STEP install.





[spoiler=Fourth screenshot description]

"Traps Make Noise.esp"  is the last of the four mods merged into the bashed patch.






[spoiler=Fifth screenshot description]

"AOS_Reduced_Reverb_Addon.esp" probably won't be in your plugin list, either. It is the optional reduced reverb patch from Audio Overhaul Skyrim. I have left it disabled and highlighted to let you know to ignore it if it doesn't apply to you, as it will usually not be in a standard STEP install.






[spoiler=Sixth screenshot description]

Here you can see the Archives tab in the right pane. Everything should be ticked in the Archives tab. Most files will be automatically ticked, but some files you will need to manually tick.


Note the order of the HighResTexturePacks. They must be ordered as shown, and will be if they are ordered correctly in the left pane (shown in the first screenshot).






[spoiler=Seventh screenshot description]

In the right pane, you need to manually tick the STEP Optimized Vanilla Textures S1 and S2 BSAs. The order of S1 and S2 doesn't matter.


This screenshot and the previous ones cover all of the mods in the left pane. Note the Output files generated by the different patchers - the Bashed Patch from Wrye Bash, the FNIS Output from Fore's New Idles in Skyrim, the DSR Output from Dual Sheath Redux, and the two DynDOLOD Output files (which I named LOD Textures and DynDOLOD Output).






[spoiler=Eighth screenshot description]

In the right pane, note that BWS.bsa needs to be manually ticked.


Follow the STEP instructions, and install and run the patchers in the sequence shown on the wiki and in the left pane of the screenshot. As each patcher is run, it should be the last thing in the load order. If re-running patchers, untick in the left pane any that come later on in the STEP instructions until you get to them.


Before making the Bashed Patch, make sure every plugin in the right pane is ticked. Make sure the LOOT Metadata rules were properly inputted into LOOT, and LOOT was ran. Then make the Bashed Patch. Per the STEP instructions, re-tick "WM Trap Fixes.esp" after creating the bashed patch.


Continue with the STEP instructions for FNIS and DSR. For DynDOLOD, follow the STEP procedures exactly, making sure to untick Birds and Flocks from the left pane. It is fine to leave the dummy plugins (HighResTexturePacks and Unofficial High Resolution Patch) unticked, as DynDOLOD accounts for the High Res Texture Packs already.


After you follow the STEP recommended procedure (running the two DynDOLOD scripts and create the fake mods, etc.) make sure you remember to re-tick Birds and Flocks in the left pane. Run LOOT one last time, and you should be done!


STEP works very well, as long as you follow the detailed instructions in the wiki carefully.


Remember to always follow the text of the guide for exact details. It is much more up to date than the videos could possibly be. You obviously can't make a new video each time an edit is made to the STEP guide. :-P







[spoiler=SKSE screenshot description]

Here is one last screenshot to help show the last step in installing SKSE (adding the .ini file).


Follow the STEP instructions. After moving the one .exe and two .dll files directly into the Skyrim folder (not the Data folder), install the SKSE scripts into MO, creating the "SKSE" mod you see highlighted in this screenshot.


Right click as shown, and choose "Open in Explorer". Create a new folder called "SKSE". In the SKSE folder, right click and create a new text document, and name it "skse.ini". Make sure Windows is showing you the file extensions, otherwise you might end up with "skse.ini.txt", which won't work.


Alternatively, download the pre-made SKSE file linked to on the STEP page. Either way, it needs to be named "skse.ini" and put in a folder named "SKSE", and it needs the values shown in the screenshot.


Use the mod Memory Blocks Log by Sheson to confirm your SKSE is setup correctly. If so, the log from that mod should read "512, 256". This corresponds to the 768, 256 settings in the skse.ini. The first number in the log will always be 256 less than the number in the skse.ini.





Here is a link to the full album on Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/dw4zN

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Updated to concur with current STEP instructions
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I found a couple minor errors, due to me normally not running a standard STEP Extended install (I usually add some mods on top). I re-uploaded some images to fix.


If anyone does notice any errors, please let me know and I will fix the description or upload a new screenshot.

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