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Adding radio station mods to F&L


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So, I was looking at possibilities to add more radio stations to my current game. I'm level 15 now, so I don't wanna start over. So some questions:


1. Would adding one or more of these mods into F&L hurt compatibility or affect other mods in some way? I'll make sure I'm under the plugin limit.

2. If first question is "I'm cleared to go", then can I add it to a current saved game?

3. Would having so many music files in my game take an FPS hit?




Here's what I wanted if anyone is interested:




Recommendations are also welcome. Classical anything and more of the freedom loving country playing in Conelrad would be awesome.

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Hi, FuzzRocket.


Completely new radio stations won't modify any vanilla assets and should be compatible with just about anything. As for adding it to an existing savegame, well, I don't know the ins and outs of the Gamebryo Engine, but I can't honestly see what harm it would do and I've added mods without starting over several times without seeing much negative impact.


The performance hit of an audio mod depends on the compression of the audio files and unless the mod specifies otherwise it's safe to assume it doesn't use a special format (like the ambient wasteland 2 mod which has a .waw version) and has about the same impact as the vanilla radio stations.

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Thank you again Mono :) I won't take the chance to mess something up hehehe. I'll enjoy Conelrad. I also forgot I can disable it and listen to the actual OST of the game, which is really nice music too.


If you know how to fix the glitch where some NPC's eyes are looking to the side as they're facing you, please share. I'm not running anything else besides what's in F&L. Peace.

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