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Climates of tamriel winter edition causing over exposure


High folks first time poster here,


I have a specific issue with my STEP build of skyrim, have modded skyrim before but always ran into modding issues that would break the game so this time decided to follow the step guide to the letter (first time with STEP)


everything is perfectly fine without climates of tamriel but when I activate the mod in MO and start a new game the thatched roofs and cobble roads are over exposed like very badly, its so bright I have to squint.


I have used COT WE before and never had this problem.


My system specs are below


intel i5 4690k

2x geforce gtx 970 in SLI

16gb ram

480gb ssd

resolution: 3840x2160p


Anyone got any ideas?


Thank you in advance to any responders

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rather embarrassed and also thankful no one has replied as it was my own fault, I installed the COT winter edition file without the main COT file.


Glad I didn't waste anyones time! 

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    • By Galleg
      Hi guys,

      I am unsure which forum to post this on but I am taking a wild guess that this will be the best page as I am unable to find a similar post to my question.

      I have installed and followed the Step guide succesfully.
      I would like to be able to further enhance my step playthrough by adding a few other mods to increase the variety of items within my game.

      I am looking to add the following mods and I am looking for advice on how to best implement these:
      Immersive Armors, Cloaks of Skyrim, Wet and Cold, Jaysus Swords, No Snow Under the Roof and all of the Creation Club mods.
      I have resolved conflicts with the creation club items (I hope) so these should not be much of a problem.
      I have installed all of the necessary compatibility patches between these extra mods also.
      Am I to have the rest of the mods AFTER the Step Core patch in my load order?
      Would this provide the most stable compatibilty for these extra mods? I imagine some further patching will be required to get everything running smothly.
      Or would it be beneficial to use LOOT's load order as the Step project is based around a default LOOT load order?

      Thank you in advance. Keep up the great work guys Step is fantastic.
    • By Lathyre
      Hello, Has anyone tried adding Vokrii to this modlist ?
      Vokrii - nexus link
      Can someone please help me what I need to change in order for it to be compatible ?
      I know it is compatible with "Smithing Perk Overhaul" and that There are patches for: "Trade and Barter", "Skyrim Alchemy Fixed", "Weapons and Armor Clutter Fixes", "Audio Overhaul for Skyrim", "Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered".
      From what I can tell I can assume that it would not be good with "Lock Overhaul". I assume I might be able to remove those mods.
      I personally prefer this mod to vanilla perks.
      Thank you very much.
    • By evmiller
      I'm pretty sure i read that STEP wouldn't officially support Creation Club in it's SE guide, however I'm praying that there can still be strong unofficial support for the Creation Club content among the users and fans of both on this forum. As I test the current STEP SE guide, I also have a STEP profile where I have all CC content installed to this point. There is some compatibility issues showing up! I'll attempt to list what I've found so far.
      Unlimited Bookshelves conflicts with (CC) Survival Mode - This was a LOOT warning. No patch on Nexus yet, but was easy enough to make a custom patch with TES5Edit. I believe Unlimited Bookshelves reverts changes made by Update.esm.
      CACO needs compatibility patch for (CC) Survival Mode - Patch available on Kryptopyr's Patch Hub on Nexus. NO NOT install the Survival Mode -- WACCF patch! These changes are in the CACO patch. Don't install both.
      CACO needs compatibility patch for (CC) Rare Curios - Patch available on Kryptopyr's Patch Hub on Nexus.
      CCOR needs compatibility patch for (CC) Nordic Jewelry - Patch available on Kryptopyr's Patch Hub on Nexus.
      Smooth Shores conflicts badly with (CC) Tundra Homestead -  The landscape is messed up around the homestead. Mod author on nexus has a notice on his description page. He won't make a patch until Smooth Shores for skyrim is complete. A custom patch was easy to make in TES5Edit undoing the changes Smooth Shores made around the homestead.
      Convenient Horses conflicts with (CC) Wild Horses - Now I already tamed, named, and saddled my wild horse prior to installing Convenient Horses so everything works very well, but the problem being reported is when you try to name/register your wild horse and try to saddle your horse with the CC custom saddles after this mod is installed. I need to catch another wild horse to see how bad this conflict is.
      There's also a Mod page on Nexes for Creation Club - Misc Patches. Here there is a ton of small CCOR and WACCF patches for all the Creation Club weapons and armor. Not sure how many of these are essential and fixing conflicts are just providing a bit of consistency with the changes these mods are making to the other weapons and armor in the game. I'm still looking at these.
      Although I'm a bit nervous about the Convenient Horses issue, it seems that everything else can be patched so far. Hopefully other fans of the Creation Club can share our experiences with trying to get this content playing nicely with STEP.
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