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Climates of tamriel winter edition causing over exposure



High folks first time poster here,


I have a specific issue with my STEP build of skyrim, have modded skyrim before but always ran into modding issues that would break the game so this time decided to follow the step guide to the letter (first time with STEP)


everything is perfectly fine without climates of tamriel but when I activate the mod in MO and start a new game the thatched roofs and cobble roads are over exposed like very badly, its so bright I have to squint.


I have used COT WE before and never had this problem.


My system specs are below


intel i5 4690k

2x geforce gtx 970 in SLI

16gb ram

480gb ssd

resolution: 3840x2160p


Anyone got any ideas?


Thank you in advance to any responders

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