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Found 5 results

  1. I got to step 5 in the STEP guide for Skyrim AE and I wanted to add the Arachnophobia mod to replace spiders in the game, but running TexGen and DynDOLOD gives me an error due to a record override from the Arachnophobia mod. I've tried to unwisely ignore the error and proceed anyways but when I launch a new game, it gives the "DynDOLOD.dll papyrus scripts are the wrong version" message. Is there anything I can do about this or is Arachnophobia (or the Insect be gone mod) simply incompatible with the STEP guide?
  2. So I'm using my own list of mods. And I need to set up xLODGen and DynDOLOD. I'm working down the list of STEP's for set up and I'm at part 5. I've already tested my setup in game and everything looks/works perfect ingame, in xedit, LOOT, BethINI, etc. But Since I'm not using Cathedral Landscapes, I'm not sure what mods to use for my xLODGen and DynDOLOD and texGen lod generation. This is my Modlist (see files attached). FYI I do have Terrain Tamriel .
  3. First time using DynDOLOD here and I am having issues generating DynDOLOD. I have already ran xLODGen and TexGen. Here's the exception that was produced: Exception in unit userscript line 350: One or more errors occurred I looked above but I can't really tell which is an error and which is not. I assume it's this? 00:00:45.263] CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp ACTI 178 [00:00:46.297] 26307D55 CWIRTStables01WH looking for rtstables01whoutwall [00:00:46.335] 26307D51 CWIFarmhouse05Destroyed02WH looking for farmhouse05destroyed02whoutwall [00:00:46.368] 26307D50 CWIFarmInnDestroyed01WH looking for inndestroyed01whoutwall Or TreePineShrub01Snow [TREE:0009DAA2] meshes\landscape\plants\pineshrub01snow.nif, replaced tree, 3D LOD not found <pineshrub01snow_A63E40F8> fallback Billboard LOD4: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\pineshrub01snow_0009daa2.dds using internal TreePineShrub02Snow [TREE:0009DAA1] meshes\landscape\plants\pineshrub02snow.nif, replaced tree, 3D LOD not found <pineshrub02snow_D8693D4E> fallback Billboard LOD4: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\pineshrub02snow_0009daa1.dds using internal Or Disabled NeverFade, replaced by DynDOLOD LOD for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp [REFR:07100D63] (places USLEEP_ShipLargeKatariah02_LOD [sTAT:07200D62] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:00000D74] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C]) at -12,26) [00:02:57.871] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\florajazbay01_000bb949_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:58.091] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\floraleek01_000bb952_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:58.135] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treereachtree01magic_000f64bf_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:58.654] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\florapotatoplant01_000bcf47_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:58.958] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\pineshrub01snow_0009daa2_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:59.418] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\dragonborn.esm\dlc2treepineshortheavysnow01_0003383c_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:59.421] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\pineshrub02snow_0009daa1_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:59.600] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\dragonborn.esm\dlc2treepineshortheavysnow_0003383d_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:59.601] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\reachtree01_0006b1b8_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:59.952] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\clover01_000b8a62_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:02:59.953] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\reachtreestump01_000b8a75_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:03:00.126] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\floradeathbell01_000bb94b_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:03:00.129] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treeaspen04_0005fada_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> [00:03:00.305] <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\floradeathbell02_000bb94c_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> Also is there no option to upload text? Please advice.
  4. I've been following the STEP guide to the letter, and I've made it down to the very end of the patches section without any crashes. However, I've been attempting to properly configure DynDOLOD for several days now, and I am continually experiencing CTDs - after starting the game, as I load a save (I also tried a new game, with the same crashes). I followed the detailed instructions to the letter with regard to installation, generation of LODs, and generation of DynDOLOD. If DynDOLOD, the archive imported during the Generate LODs section, and the archive imported during the Generate DynDOLOD section are all ticked, I get crashes; if I disable the last imported archive (from Generate DynDOLOD), the game runs, but I experience MCM complaints about inability to reach the JSON files. Is there any step implied by these errors that I might've missed or performed incorrectly? Is there a stack trace or other error log that I might examine? Also, the GamerPoets video includes download of billboards (vanilla, as well as SFO - which I installed as part of STEP), but skips generation of LODs and use of the TexGen script; is that video out of date? Should I be following it, or the written guide?
  5. Step 16 in the "Generate DynDOLOD" installation guide contains this item: "Enable DynDOLOD.esp in the Plugins tab." I searched the guide, and it never said to disable that ESP. It was already enabled when I returned after closing TES5Edit. Did I miss a step? Does it matter that it was enabled?
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