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  1. Thank you both very much for all the help. I only used that menu because I used to play on console prior to switching to PC.
  2. When you first start the game, one of the options is to view currently enabled plugins and the load order. You can enable and disable the plugins from there. When you back out, Skyrim displays a message saying "the game needs to reload to save the changes you made to the load order." That's usually when it crashes. I did manage to solve the problem though by rebuilding my environment as you and z929669 suggested. Thank you both for the help.
  3. Okay so I made a new profile to troubleshoot this in, and all the plugins loaded in without any issue after an hour of troubleshooting. I think now it has to do with my main profile. Maybe it's something to do with the .INI settings?
  4. The SKSE error doesn't show up anymore. The issue is still the same, whenever I run SKSE.exe, all my mods are disabled and re-enabling them one-by-one in game causes a CTD. There are no LOOT errors showing up. It just says you have the latest version of Skyrim, SKSE, and remember to run FNIS everytime you install or uninstall a FNIS-based mod.
  5. I'm starting to think there's a certain mod that's causing all of them to be disabled. I have multiple profiles each with different enabled and disabled mods and I usually don't have this issue.
  6. How would I find the SKSE/LOOT error log?
  7. I managed to fix the issue of the mods not being aligned but I'm not sure if there are too many plugins because LOOT doesn't say that there's too many and it should only being reading 242 plugins since 265 are marked as light. I will try to merge plugins and see if that fixes the issue.
  8. When I ran the application, I navigated to my data folder and all the plugins were showing. I ran another profile with less mods and it ran perfectly fine so I think it might have to do with me reaching a mod limit? Currently I have 507 active plugins but 265 are marked as light. I apologize, I didn't clarify enough. I only downgraded from 1.6.353 (released on January 6th) to 1.6.342 (released on December 13th), so that the plugins you mentioned would still be compatible. I did end up having to disable the offending plugins because updates for the 1.6.353 version have not yet released. This didn't solve my issue however. I ran LOOT prior to going back to 1.6.353 and ran it again afer I got both the most recent SKSE and Skyrim version. Whenever I navigate to the mods tab, all of them are still disabled.
  9. I managed to patch that issue by downgrading back to a prior update. Unfortunately my mods are still not enabled when I run SKSE. I followed Greg's steps and still have not reached a different output.
  10. I realized I posted in the wrong board shortly after I posted this. Thank you for correcting my mistake. MO2 is not in the Steam folders or in the game folders, and all the plugins are checked. I added an exception for MO2 when i first installed it so it can't be the antivirus. When I ran SKSE as a non-adminstrator, I got this message. Edit: It seems bethesda released a new update earlier this morning. I downloaded a downgrade patch and will update.
  11. Unfortunately this is the wrong board but I'm not sure how to delete or move it.
  12. My SKSE launches correctly through MO2 but whenever I check to see if my mods are enabled, they're all disabled. None of the files are in an UAC-controlled file. I also made sure MO2 is not installed in Skyrim or Steam's folders. I always run MO2 as administrator as well. Edit: Some additional info. Both the Steam folder and the MO2 folder are on the same drive. Whenever I open a new profile, SKSE loads all the enabled mods without issue.
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