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Autumn Leaves (by BaronVonChateau)


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Autumn Leaves (by BaronVonChateau)



Think you were done with the Mojave, Courier?
Did you really believe you could get on with your life, as if those bullets didn't scramble your brain?


Think again.




A Dlc-sized Quest Mod with :

More than 2000 Pro-Voiced Lines

8 New Quests with several routes and resolutions

7 to 10 Hours of Gameplay

29 New Perks - with a twist!

Hilarious Participation of Johnny Utah, from NewGrounds fame

Multiple Endings with corresponding Slideshows

Original Soundtrack by Pablo Coma (Free To Download Here!)




Gives the vibe of Bioshock 1. Rich and influencial people funding a vault for storing knowledge and art, without the claws of politics anf government, except robots, as usual. No psychopathic drug addicts. I've yet to play this, but I'm sure it'll be fun. STEP bros. come back with opinions thoughts ;).

Would be great to add to the F&L waiting list, but I can play it seperately as I did with Skyrim. What kind of conflicts would I be looking for as a Quest mod with F&L?

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