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Lakeview Manor Evolution (by mrpdean)


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One of the mods I was the most hyped about for over a year has just gotten out of beta. It's by no means finished, but no more starting new game is required anymore, which is a major change.


I'll just quote a little bit of the description here, because you better see the page itself to get the proper impression. It has some extremely unique features to it.


  • A configurable bedroom wing.  You can choose between 2 child beds, 6 child beds or 4 follower beds.
  • You can adopt up to 6 children if you use Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions (and the 6 bed configuration).  However if you only want to adopt 2 children than you don't need Hearthfire Multiple Adoption installed as the vanilla adoption scripts will still work in the manor.
  • The steward, housecarl and bard all have their own beds.
  • Custom furniture that allows for a lot of additional storage space without taking up additional floor space.
  • Much better lighting than the vanilla Lakeview Manor imho.  This whole project started as an attempt to improve the vanilla lighting.
  • Ability for the player to individually extinguish and re-light all candles throughout the main house.  Let me know if I've missed any of them.
  • Indoor plumbing, including working sinks, a bath and toilets but I did my very best to make them look like they belong in the world.  Take a look at the screen shots before you judge them :)
  • A fairly large armory complete with custom helmet displays and a unique enchanting room
  • A large library with a study
  • An attic containing the alchemy lab and fully functional individual ingredient storage drawers with auto-sorting. Note the video is a bit old now and the attic has changed a bit since then.
  • All the crafting stations you should need (except for a Skyforge)
  • Indoor ambient lighting and sounds
  • A working wind-powered grain mill
  • A fish hatchery down by the lake
  • Custom displays for elderscrolls, unique jars, black books, dragon priest masks, dragon claws, kagrumez gems
  • A self-changing dining table.  Each day the main dining table will show a randomly selected meal configuration including plates, cups, food etc. More configuration to be added in future.



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Someone should do an official "Houses of Skyrim" PACK.


Just in case this should actually happen  :lol: I've recently tested a ton of house mods with my STEP+REGS install. Unfortunately I killed that installation in favor of and a clean rebuild, I just hope I got a screenshot or something from that list somewhere. I've read all the descriptions and discarded lore unfriendly houses like flying ships and free castles while testing the rest.


- Halamshiral (neat magician hut between Solitude and Morthal) conflicts with Oblivion Gates, I would recommend to remove the latter as the textures look off and they'll probably conflict with other house mods too

- Something not directly related (not Eagle's Nest or Hinters Cabin Riverwood) destroys some of the changes from ETaC near the entrance of Riverwood, was unable to nail it down, one should always check this area when testing new house mods

- Some of the bigger house mods got patches for compatibility with ETaC, I've done a list of all available patches for all mods that are not included in STEP so they whould be listed there (ask me for it if you want it)

- Verdant Grass with world edits leaves most houses alone, some of them got minor clipping issues and few (Aspen Manor for example) are completely sunk into the ground, regardless of the load order. One should not use this version of Verdant when using more than a few wisely chosen house mods

- Hunters Treehouse is the only known house mod conflicting with Skyrim Bigger Trees

- ...more to come if I find that list again. 

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