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On Updating Utilities / Executables (FO3Edit)



So, this question is a little pre-mature for me but I didnt see an answer that more or less jumped out at me in any of the guides I looked at for Mod Organizer, Clear and Present Danger, a few others.  FO3Edit's v3.1.2 was released a little bit ago, and I've been using v3.1.1.  Basically, I'm just looking to confirm that the correct method of updating the utility is to simply:


  A) Make sure no other programs are up and running (maybe steam, definitely Mod Organizer)

  B) Extract FO3Edit as I normally would to it's particular folder (C:\Games\Utilities\FO3Edit)*

  C) Update again with the Merge Plugins xEdit Script*

  D) Run MO, and remove then re-add the executable.


*When replacing the 'FO3Edit' files and the 'Merge Plugins xEdit Script' I would be choosing to replace files already found within to avoid ... problems.


Basically this is a little hand holding advice I know.  Not having any issues with my game, but, eh, future reference I suppose.  Also, it's not like I saw this in the guides when I went browsing, so here I am.   Thanks for your time, Community.  :P

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All of the xEdit programs (FO3Edit, FNVEdit, etc.) are portable, ie. they don't rely on anyting else to run. So all you need do is replace the existing FO3Edit files with the new ones and you're good to go.


So, FO3Edit files then Merge Plugins xEdit Script stuff, just ensure they are the latest.


Step D shouldn't be needed for any executable that has the same name and path as the previous version.

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