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Mark Books As Read


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Mark Books as Read:



This mod uses a script to keep track of which books, notes, and letters your player character has already read. Upon reading a book or note the title changes from [book] to ~(read)[book]. I have been using this mod for a long time now without issues. The only flaw with this, and it is hard to count it as a flaw, is that sometimes I have unintentionally read something and then needed to find it again to read it later. 


This mod has an advantage over De Ja Vu in that it sorts better. This mod adds a tilde key to the front of the title, so all read notes, books, ect sort to the bottom of your inventory making it much easier to find notes, books, ect that you need to read. It is for this reason that I think this mod should replace De Ja Vu in the next STEP release. 


The MOD includes performance options (not sure why). Standard install is recommended. 

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There is a performance version because this mod uses scripts for its functionality. If I recall correctly the script basically continually scans for books you've read and applies the ~(read) title to the title if you have. In the performance version the script runs less frequently.

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Mods that use scripts for sorting or change vanilla titles/names are not really well made or conceived imo, they can cause serious performance and conflict issues. Using alpha SkyUI 3 is a much better way to go if you feel you need more sorting immediately. For the safe and sane crowd just wait for the official release.

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