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FO3 GOTY CTD during gunfire


Hello all!


Desperately seeking help for a consistent and mysterious (to me) ctd. The trouble is upon completing the partial STEP install that as far as I can tell, I've followed instructions on, I have a consistent ctd that seems to be triggered by certain audio, particularly gunfire. I know enough to be able to follow instructions and use the utilities that STEP suggests, but not enough to sleuth my way to a solution! The only other hint I have is that at the time of ctd there remains a consistent repeated sound as if the audio system is hung up on that particular spot. 


[spoiler=Hardware Specs]

CPU Manufacturer: Intel

CPU Model:I5 4670

CPU Speed (GHz):3.4

CPU Cores:4

GPU Manufacturer:NVIDIA

GPU Model:Geforce GTX 660


# GPU's:1

System RAM:8 GB

Storage Type:HDD

OS Architecture:64bit - Vista

FO3 Specs

Resolution:1920x1080 (16:9)





I use Mod Organizer.


[spoiler=LOOT Load Order]

  0  0 Fallout3.esm
  1  1 Anchorage.esm
  2  2 ThePitt.esm
  3  3 BrokenSteel.esm
  4  4 PointLookout.esm
  5  5 Zeta.esm
  6  6 Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm
  7  7 Advanced Recon Tech.esm
  8  8 CALIBR.esm
  9  9 Mart's Mutant Mod.esm
 10  a DCInteriors_ComboEdition.esm
 11  b Mothership Crew.esm
 12  c AWorldOfPainFO3.esm
 13  d Vault 101 Revisited.esm
 14  e CRAFT.esm
 15  f FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm
 16 10 Detect Traps.esm
 17 11 Project Beauty.esm
 18 12 Inventory Access.esm
 19 13 iHUD.esm
 20 14 RH_IRONSIGHTS.esm
 21 15 FO3 Wanderers Edition - Alternate Travel.esp
 22 16 aHUD.esm
 23 17 tubrrCompound.esm
 24 18 Advanced Recon Range Finder.esp
 25 19 FWEAlienWorkBenchFix.esp
 26 1a DarNifiedUIF3.esp
       Detect Traps - DLC.esp
       Detect Traps - Perk.esp
 27 1b Advanced Recon Tech.esp
 28 1c DynamicCrosshair.esp
 29 1d Flashlight-LOS.esp
 30 1e PPA - The Pitt.esp
 31 1f GNR Enhanced.esp
       Flora Overhaul.esp
       Advanced Recon Tech - Detect Traps.esp
 32 20 JIP Selective-Fire.esp
       Mart's Mutant Mod - DC Interiors.esp
 33 21 RubblePilesFix.esp
 34 22 Realistic Interior Lighting.esp
       PPA - FWE Tougher NPC Power Armour.esp
 35 23 The Mantis Imperative - FlatVATS.esp
 36 24 The Mantis Imperative - SkillBooks.esp
 37 25 The Mantis Imperative - XP.esp
 38 26 The Mantis Imperative - Nasty Zeta.esp
 39 27 Rivet City Realignment.esp
 40 28 HeirApparent.esp
 41 29 (TWPC) RIL-UUF3P-DM Patch.esp
 42 2a WeaponModKits.esp
 43 2b RH_WMK_Bridge.esp
 44 2c WeaponModKits - BrokenSteel.esp
 45 2d WeaponModKits - OperationAnchorage.esp
 46 2e WeaponModKits - ThePitt.esp
 47 2f WeaponModKits - Zeta.esp
 48 30 WeaponModKits - PointLookout.esp
       DIFF WMK.esp
 49 31 WeaponModKits - FWE Master Release.esp
 50 32 DIFF.esp
 51 33 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Broken Steel.esp
 52 34 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Anchorage.esp
 53 35 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Mothership Zeta.esp
 54 36 Advanced Recon Tech FWE.esp
 55 37 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout.esp
 56 38 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC The Pitt.esp
 57 39 tubRRCompound.esp
 58 3a The Mantis Imperative - Jello.esp
 59 3b PLweightadjust.esp
       (TWPC) TMI-FWE Patch.esp
 60 3c NotSoFast.esp
 61 3d The Mantis Imperative - Mantis.esp
 62 3e CALIBRv14 Ammunition Schematics for FWE-WMK-CRAFT-V1_3-18639.esp
 63 3f MoreMapMarkers.esp
       FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Restore Tracers.esp
       FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Restore Tracers (automatics only).esp
 64 40 Dree Perks.esp
 65 41 Advanced Recon Gear.esp
 66 42 Detect Traps - The Traponator 4000.esp
 67 43 IntoTheDeepWoods.esp
 68 44 Existence 2.0.esp
 69 45 Scout Outfits.esp
 70 46 Lookout Outfits.esp
 71 47 Tattered_suits.esp
 72 48 Freebooter_Armor.esp
 73 49 DIM TYPE3clothesRETAIL.esp
 74 4a FO3NeckChains.esp
       WeaponModKits - FWE Talon Loot Crash Fix.esp
       (TWPC) WMK-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp
 75 4b FasterMorePowerfulMines.esp
       (TWPC) RRE-PB-FWE Patch.esp
 76 4c The Mantis Imperative - Medical.esp
 77 4d The Mantis Imperative - Combat.esp
 78 4e Powered Power Armor.esp
 79 4f PPA - FWE.esp
 80 50 FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp
 81 51 UUF3P - FWE Patch.esp
 82 52 Blackened FWE + MMM + Project Beauty.esp
 83 53 Project Beauty- Broken Steel.esp
 84 54 Project Beauty- Point Lookout.esp
       (TWPC) DIFF3-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp
       The Mantis Imperative - Nasty Zeta No Scaling.esp
 85 55 YearlingBooks.esp
       Zeta Turret Drone Karma Fix - MMM Merged.esp
 86 56 T3_leather armors.esp
 87 57 PPA - Broken Steel.esp
       PPA - FWE 2.esp
 88 58 PPA - Mothership Zeta.esp
 89 59 PPA - Operation Anchorage.esp
 90 5a Conelrad 640-1240.esp
 91 5b PLFewerItems.esp
 92 5c Bashed Patch, 0.esp
I follow STEP all the way through and have the CORE components, there are only a couple of optionals I've skipped.
I stuck with the STEP ini mods.
Specifically: the ctd comes when I encounter certain fights, inside buildings, or out in the wasteland. It appears to trigger off of my own weapon firing at times, others, from the NPC's. 
Any helpful suggestions on where to tackle this would be appreciated. This is about the fourth or fifth time I've attempted to get FO3 modded and stable and I'm about ready to call it in. 
**edited for format, additional info.

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Reserved for fix attempts/results:


1. Replaced old codec packages with update K-lite package: No change. 

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I haven't seen this myself in FO3. In Skyrim CTD problems with audio were sometimes caused by corrupted copies of the sound files added by mods. You might want to saving the game just before this happens (if it's predictable) and then try using MO profiles (or creating a custom profile for testing) that have fewer mods, particularly mods that include gunshot sound files. Fallout 3 has always had sound problems. You might find the pages referenced in the guide near the bottom about the stutter problem useful. The solutions for stutter usually involve changing the sound codecs; try using a different codec as discussed on the referenced pages to see if it helps your problem.

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Thanks for the reply Kelmych! 


I had backed up several steps with MO but unfortunately the CTD seemed to show up shortly after the core fixes and before the quests were added. That starts to narrow it down to some pretty key pieces of the STEP process unfortunately. I'll play a bit and see if I can pinpoint it. However, with most of my options being CORE pieces, I'm wondering it it may actually be something with my rig outside of the STEP process as it would seem likely that others would have encountered this before.

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As i've already faced something like this, i solved my problem by adding these lines to the fallout.ini under section 


Yep, i know, it was already in the guide ::P:  but it must have been late this day i dunno, but i missed it, and that solved my crash. Perhaps you forgot that too ?
Good luck in your research.

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    • By BreadWiz42
      So, after following the Clear and Present Danger guide pretty thoroughly, installing everything needed, and making sure all cleaning and tweaks were done the game CTD's after character creation. The exact point is after FWE (or whichever mod) asks if you want the alternate start or not (I choose not) and right when the brightness clears it just CTD's. I've tried most "fixes" I could find on google and none I could find worked. I am just really stumped on what's causing the crash and hoping some here has any ideas.
      Here's the load order:

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