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Main Menu Wallpaper Replacer with Randomizer v3.31


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Adds several 1080p wallpapers for the main menu (continue, new game, exit, ect). Replaces emblem and smoke with a picture. The picture changes every time you access the main menu, thus being "randomized". All the pictures are skyrim appropriate and G rated. Here is a video showing each wall paper:




I have been using it for months without any problems. 


Also has the ability to randomize main menu music, although I haven't tested this myself. 


Includes an interface mesh "logo.nif"

a SKSE plugin rmm_plugin.dll

A interface texture "MAINMENUWALLPAPER.dds"


Within a sub folder,includes 21 different folders each with their own versions of the logo.nif and MAINMENUWALLPAPPER.dds. I believe it uses SKSE to swap the files in and out of the data folder at random. I have used the mod long enough to be confident I have seen them all, and I have had no issues. 


I think this is a clear improvement over the spinning emblem with no smoke that STEP currently uses in a big way. 


EDIT: Just tried the optional dawngaurd and DLC wallpapers. They require a manual install but work and look great. The an option file replaces main menu smoke with snow, which I rather like as well.

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The resolution isn't fixed' date=' it scales to the monitor. I changed my monitor resolution and, other than the picture not looking as good, their wasn't any stretching issues or anything like that.[/quote']


Stretched images look awful, I want beautiful and crisp detail! :(

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This is a pretty cool little mod but i find some of the pics used in it make the main menu items like new' date=' load, options and such very hard to see[/quote']

I agree.  I like the idea, but there's only a handful we could really recommend.  That said, there are some pretty cool images in that collection and when I used it back in the day it made the main menu that much more interesting.  If the author let's us create a STEP-approved version (either uploaded by them or by us) then I'd suggest this one for inclusion.  On the same note, I've always used Skyrim Default Theme - Heroic Start so the menu isn't just silent for those 15 seconds I'm on it.

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A couple months ago I made a 2560x1600 main menu wallpaper for myself (static image, not random or anything) by tweaking the mesh that one of the VictoriaG main menu wallpapers use. I discovered that most of these mods (at the time) used the Skyrim Civil War map mesh, which is actually pretty terrible. It's relatively flat, but it's got some discoloration/gradient lighting attached to it as well as some bending which results in a slightly warped image. Hard to notice unless comparing side-by-side though. Not sure if the newer ones use a better mesh.


I was tempted to upload it to Nexus, but there's a real lack of 2560x1600 Skyrim images outside of in-game screenshots. If you 27-30" monitor users have some images in mind I could probably turn it into something worthwhile.

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I don't have anything in particular in mind but I would love to at least see some options for main menu replacements for 2560x1440. Some of VictoriaG's ones are absolutely fantastic but they're only 1080p. :(

Yeah, if I recall correctly they WORK, but as Besidilo said, they're stretched and look pretty bad.


I think the only way I could make a wallpaper mod is if I put alot of effort into making my Skyrim photogenic (Cinematic ENBs, female body mods, etc) and doing very high quality in-game screenshots. Seems like too much effort.

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