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Superior Silverware - HD Textures by skyrimaguas


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Superior Silverware - HD Textures

by skyrimaguas




Superior Silverware is a high quality texture and mesh replacer for all the silverware. This mod aims to make all of Skyrim's silverware look and feel more like it is made of real silver metal. Textures come with three resolution Options: HD-2K Uncompressed for extra high quality, HD-2K Performance with 1k uncompressed Normal map and 1k High Performance for gameplay users.




- High Quality Retexture for realistic metallic silver material and shine
- Mod includes texture and mesh replacers (meshes are vanilla, just tweaked)
- Mesh properties were adjusted to give the metallic look
- UV maps were also adjusted to fit my textures & minimize seams
- Enhanced Normal map gives a 3D look to the flat surface of the mesh
- Enhanced details which make them all luxurious and ornate- particularly on the Silver Jug
- Sovngarde Gold clutter were also retextured
- there is an optional "hammered" look version for a more worn-out appearance.





This is an amazing retexture for all gold and silverware in the game. From dull plastic look to real silver / gold feeling.


I suggest to add this to the STEP core texture set

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