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FO3 Redesigned vs FCO+FCO NPC Edits GOTY


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Well the title says it all...


First time playing FO3....and I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on these mods.


- Did anyone play with just one of them and is it more common to go with just FO3 Redesigned? Judging by the screenshots from Nexus FCO looks better...colors are more vibrant, but then again maybe it's some ENB or something else....idk. On the other side FO3 Redesigned has way more downloads than FCO but it's also much older mod than FCO.....

See...idk what to do :wallbash:


- How do these mods go together - your experiences, potential problems, bugs?


Another thing that's bugging me....I don't care much about the look of the bodies and usually I don't play with body mods...install procedures are somewhat complicated, not every armor is compatible and most important...I always play in 1st person so I never get to see how my body looks like. Will the difference between body and face be noticeable?


Thanks in advance!! 

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I haven't had time yet to see how well FCO works when FO3 Redesigned is also used. I've been waiting for the FO3 version FCO, and hoping that others will test it in addition to me.


Because I was expecting FCO I didn't add any other face mods for FO3; I expected users would try different ones and mention their experiences with them. In addition to Project Beauty I previously used Lings, but I haven't tried Hall of Face or other more recent mods.

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