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  1. Aware of necroing....but the Guide is still present and sadly not updated UFO3P description page specifically states that the official ESMs should not be cleaned, nor the deleted navmeshes should be fixed. UFO3P will override these
  2. From section Using Fallout New Vegas Mods for High Resolution Clutter, etc. OJO BUENO High Quality Texture WorkshopFiles: Ojo Bueno Objects V1 The textures below are used only in FNV, so they can be safely deleted (92mb) textures\clutter\jukebox\jbscreen_n.dds and textures\clutter\billiards\pooltable_m.dds don't have their diffuse maps so delete these two also.
  3. Hey Back on page 55 Adonis_VII has mentioned that QuasarXs Point Lookout and Broken Steel DLC retextures were updated to version 1.5.1 and yet the current version in the guide says its 1.5. Should we get these updates or not?
  4. Some interesting mods to consider Proper Drinking at Sinks Metal Boxes FCM - Final Courier Mod Wasteland Grave Digger
  5. Hi The Guide doesn't mention anything regarding the optional MMM modules so I'm not sure if they were left out on purpose or forgotten. I'm talking about these: I understand what they do, they're similar to the ones provided for Oblivion and I'm aware of the risks of using them. What I don't know is if anyone played with them before along with the other mods from the Guide, especially in conjunction with FWE, and I'm specifically interested in these four: - Mart's Mutant Mod - Soft Unleveler.esp OR - Mart's Mutant Mod - Dynamic Player Scaling.esp - Mart's Mutant Mod - Feral Ghoul Rampage.esp - Mart's Mutant Mod - Hunting & Looting.esp
  6. I see. That's why the UIO.log shows "Processing file: menus\main\map_menu.xml * File does not require any patching". It was bugging the hell out of me why is that, when I actually have one of those files in another UI/HUD mod. It doesn't even make a difference if you have a UI/HUD mod that comes with an ESP plugin and an xml file, it will always log that message. :O_o: Ah, well...nevermind, as long as it works - and it is working - I'm fine with whatever Kelmych, GrantSP, thank you for your patience and help, that was some great info!
  7. Thanks for responding guys. I know you get lots of questions and that many of them are redundant, but UI mods, menus...xml files are not something that I'm too familiar with. That's what I meant, the left pane / installation order. Ok, so just to confirm, when it comes to UIO, the installation order does matter, regardless of whether I install an ESPless mod or not? I still don't fully understand how come that UIO doesn't affect map_menu.xml when you can find one "map_menu.xml" inside its folders: UIO - User Interface Organizer\uio\private\menus\main\map_menu.xml? It would make sense that it does because if you check UIO description page, it says: Isn't map_menu.xml a UI/HUD extension? Great to hear about mipmaps. I was already going nuts because I don't like to mess with UI textures...alpha channels...etc. Regarding the map_menu.xml file I did several tests with different Pipboy mods (Readius, 2500, 3000-fixed) activated and the installer detected them just fine, and installed the correct .xml file, so I was wrong about it not working correctly. I compared the installed ones with the ones from the archive and everything's fine. Sorry about that. Those 3 installed Pipboy folders in textures folder got me thinking that there might be a problem with the whole installation procedure. There's only one "conflicting" file that all Pipboy versions in this archive have and that's screenglare.dds texture file found in textures\clean_pipboy_screen\ folder. It doesn't matter which Pipboy mod is actually installed, when you finish installing Better map mod you always get all three Pipboy versions with 3 separate screenglare.dds files. CRCs are same so its the same texture, nothing to worry about. Sorry about the confusion guys!
  8. Hi I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this issue but it seems that Better high detail map and icons fomod script doesn't properly detect what type of PipBoy mod is installed, because it installs assets from all three Pipboy types from "clean_pipboy_screen" folder, that is: Pipboy2500, Pipboy3000 and scorptech. - Screenshot - MO logs a message that Pipboy2500 got overwritten because Pipboy3000 was higher in the install order....so not a big deal I guess, but still I think that it might be a good idea to hide these two folders in MO after the installation, just to be sure. Also, I know UIO combines all UI mods at runtime, but shouldn't all UI mods be placed before UIO in load order in order for UIO to recognize their existence or that doesn't matter? I'm asking this because Better High Detail Map and Icons has map_menu.xml and the Guide instructions are to install this mod after the UIO. Also, many textures supplied by this mod have mipmaps saved, when they shouldn't. I didn't test this mod yet, but having some negative experience (UI lags and fuzzy icons) from TES4 with incorrectly saved .dds files, made me decide to re-save them but without mipmaps.
  9. Yes, you'll want that for either one of those. Either get the patch or fix the texture path with NifScope manually EDIT. It's just a fixed model of steakbox01.nif which resides in \meshes\clutter\food folder.
  10. Folder structure inside the both BSAs is not the same. Also, both BSAs have some of it's own resources that the other one hasn't. Eg. In DCInteriors - A room with a view you have a model called dlc04dolltreedollflat01c.nif found in \meshes\dcintmeshes\dcintdlcmeshes\pointlookout\clutter\junk\ but you won't find that model in the DCInteriorsProject mod. There are many more too. Also, CRCs don't match so perhaps the author did some retexturing and it would take time to compare them....which could be a good idea because game will be loading assets from the two identically named BSAs. xCALIBR mod comes with the CALIBR.esm and xCALIBR.esm. If you go with the FWE setup, like the Guide is instructing, you have to move the CALIBR.esm from the xCALIBR mod to the Optional files, or yet better remove it from the downloaded archive before you begin with installing. That's because FWE has "its own" CALIBR.esm.
  11. Ah I see, I completely forgot about the FO3LODGen resources and Vurt's LOD resources. I'll just stick to the v3.1.2 then until they update FO3 Nexus page. Thanks!!
  12. Yeah I suspected it was a deprecated cvar from some of the previous FSR versions, just wanted to be sure. Thanks!!
  13. Hey There's a small error in the FSR part of the Guide. Under the "Master Section" suggested .ini setting is bHookGetTickCount = 1 I can't find any reference to that setting anywhere and there's already a similar one lower in the .ini called bReplaceGetTickCount = 1 so I'm guessing it's an error?
  14. EssArrBee, thanks for answering! I know that it's the same program and yes I too have just one copy of TESxEdit .exe which I rename to FO3Edit, FO3View and FO3LODGen, but if you read my previous question closely the problem is I can't decide which version of xEdit to use for generating LOD files. The FO3Edit part of the guide instructs us to use the most recent version of xEdit, which atm is 3.1.3., found here, and then it says: The FO3LODGen part of the guide instructs us to use the 3.1.2. version of xEdit. If v3.1.3. xEdit offers additional capabilities when generating LOD, then why use the previous v3.1.2.? If you check the FO3LODGen Nexus page, you'll see that there has been an update fix 3.1.2a, meaning that there's been some problems with v3.1.2. when generating LOD... Under the download link I see it says "fixes crashes" but I wonder if that's all? Thanks EDIT: Clicking on the FO3Edit link, in the Guide, should lead to the Fallout 4 Nexus, where the new xEdit build are being uploaded.
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