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Can't Start New Vegas Through MO



Basically it insists Steam isn't running when it is.  It gives that error, runs anway, and only loads the Launcher rather than the 4GB version.  I've even tried using the -laa argument option the guide suggests.  Any ideas?


EDIT:  Fixed old problem, have new problem. Similar enough I'm not starting a new thread.

FIX FOR PROBLEM #1:  Set Mod Organizer to "run as administrator" under the compatibility tab of it shortcut.


New Problem:  Game starts to black screen, immediately freezes and locks up.  Have to restart to make it go away, as not even Task Manager can kill it.

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Confirmed the problem is with Mod Organizer, somehow, I can run the FNV Launcher, NVSE, and FNV4GB normally and it works every time.

The moment I try to load any of them through Mod Organizer, I get black screen and freeze on startup.


As for my Mod Order... there is none.  I'm only on the Extender section of F&LiNV.  The only plugins are the DLC.


EDIT:  Neverind, I'm an idiot.  Like an earlier poster, I didn't have all my BSAs checked on the Archive tab.  *SIGH*

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