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Vanilla Female Body Replacer - Need Testers and/or Perverts + Mod Name


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SP Female Body Final.7z

Okay everyone, I dragged myself into this while I am meant to be doing other things (sorry). So it's ground-up body fixes over the last one I posted. I thought I would make a new thread as the people who were asking for this in the other one for something like a year, never dropped in. As I have done this for STEP, a few gameplay tests would be appreciated.


Now I am not not really looking for any more errors with tiny seams or gaps, as Tech has already been over that with me (and we know how picky Tech is ::P: ). I'm pretty sure everything I can fix is fixed.


Now the body uses vanilla for the skin, but custom edited underwear with new weights applied. They now have 'caps' over the waist, and leg holes. This eliminated most of the seams and also means that we get a lot more performance over a 'full body' mesh under the underwear. 


So if you could just throw it in your meshes folder and just play the game, that is all I want. Thank you. I'm sure if everything is okay, Tech should possibly release it.



Finally, this sums up working on this file a lot of the time:




Edit: So we have quite a few downloads again, but no one apart from echo (and me and T) saying anything. So no one else can spend 10 minutes testing this?  ::(:

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The package is at the top echo. :-)


Resource T? Nah, that will just confuse regular users who may want to use it standalone. Put 'resource' in any title and it's pretty much dead.

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Because Vanilla Unicorn is the sttip joint from GTA 5. Not that I visited it much, I would have preferred something like Magic Mike in that game. Not into that kind of stuff, but it would have been hilarious!


A 'unicorn' is also apparently slang for a bisexual, so probably not... Edit: Ah you thought the thread title was the mod name! Ah, my bad W/UU. Apologies.


We need a less crazy title though. I will go for: 'Vanilla Females: Booty Band-Aid '. Straight to the point on the first bit, then twist it with a flowing comedic tone. 

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I like it already.


I was kinda asleep when I made that comment. Although, technically, I think Skyrim is bisexual...

No problem, if anyone has any suggestions for a name, (if everything turns out okay) then I'm sure Tech will review it. Yeah you are right though, they are! Totally forgot about having various relationships in the game with different genders. It's not something I really looked too far into though.


Ah, missed it. Ok, off to try it out.


Glade I found the correct download button to click.   

Yeah sorry that upload site is a bit dodgy with adverts. It's just I can't be bothered to keep logging into various sites. Out of all the non-sign-up ones, this is probably the one that is the least intrusive that I have found. I mean you don't have to wait to download, then download at some really slow speed just because. It does say it's an advertisement though above, and UBlock removes them anyway.




Well I did some more testing in qasmoke. For anyone that doesn't know and thinks that name is random; a smoke test is a quick test in which the goal is to literally 'smoke out' any problems. In my case I did all the various animations I could think in shaded and wireframe mode. Then I quickly took all the clothes and armour and tried them on in various combinations. Finally, I got a few weapons and did most of the combat/heavy combat poses. It all worked rather well! I couldn't see any problems at all.

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