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STEP Skyrim vs Witcher 3

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For those with higher end machines, I'm curious to know your take: How does fully 'tricked out' Skyrim compare, graphically speaking, with Witcher 3? I'm playing through Witcher 3 now on a high end machine and am frequently astounded by the graphics. I'm wondering once I put in the 30+ hours to get a STEP+Vividian ENB install working whether the graphical quality of the game will be comparable to Witcher 3 or a substantial step down (no pun intended). Thanks!

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Don't have TW3 (yet) so I can't tell for sure. But for what I know of modern game visuals and of Skyrim :


STEP (even with vividan) don't compare to a modern game.



However, STEP is aimed at a large public, and people with the computer to handle it can still raise Skyrim's beautification to a level close to a 2015 game, minus a few quirk of the game engine :

 - Animations will NEVER be as smooth as in a modern game.

Distant terrain and LOD still need improvement, will need to wait for DynDOLOD to have even more content.

 - As of now, there is no mod to meet ultra-high quality characters meshes for male. (Only one for female, by the name of Lady Body, but which is sadly designed to be incompatible with almost everything other mod ever created...). Maybe if Mok Chaotikran come back and delve into meshing we will have something good enough...

 - Except if Boris have some surprise for reflection on metalic / polished / shiny / ugottheidea surface in a future version of ENB, it will never reach what's accomplished in modern game (not sure how good TW3 is on this though).

 - I doubt anyone ever find a way to make the grass look as good as it should (From what I saw in TW3 video, this is a MAJOR difference with Skyrim modded graphics).


Edit : How, and physic and HQ hair of course... 


Edit : And after one more hour doing some test with temporal AA on my skyrim... well, I'd rather temper my post : Skyrim can look almost as good as a 2015 game in screenshot  ::P:

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Disclaimer: My current rig can not hope to run a 'fully tricked up' STEP install so I have never seen it in play, except from videos by mod reviewers. Likewise with Witcher 3 although I am currently watching @Gopher play through his game.


With that out of the way Witcher 3 runs rings around Skyrim in all aspects of graphics. Skyrim will never come close to it no matter how many gigs of textures or mesh improvements you throw at it. Completely different, and better, implementation of how a game engine can be used.

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I'm actually glad I've got such low expectations.  Comes from years and years of living with computers either on the edge of, or in the state of, obsolescence.  


Granted a heavily modded Skyrim requires a degree of willing suspension of disbelief when it comes to flora clipping, the movement of grass in the wind, etc., however, I've had moments of total vertigo as my aging brain attempts to process the overload of visual information streaming in.  It's not realistic, this environment.  It's hyper-realistic, almost bordering on something that feels surreal at times.  


And I'm just using SweetFX with a tweaked Dull OmniFX preset, no ENB!


I'm not sure I could handle Witcher lol!


Like I say, my expectations seem to be quite low.

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