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Just found out that Higher Companion Level Cap mod from Yukichigai tweaks is resetting the face modifications of followers made by New Vegas Redesigned 3 back to their vanilla appearance. The mod page warned about this and offers merged/bashed patch as the solution. However in my playthrough Veronica and Cass still have their vanilla faces instead of NVR3 modified ones. I have followed the F&L guide closely (excluding weapon mods) and I load the systemsave from vanilla. Is this intended or not? Anyone else have the same issue?

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Can it be fixed in FNVEdit?


I don't know how to use that program, but I'm tempted to go through all the red entries and move things around. Like, a flag will be set on an npc in Yuki merged mods but not in the bashed patch. I feel like I should copy the setting over but I'm afraid of breaking things. Or the random strings of numbers and letters under FaceGen that I think control how the character looks??


(for the most simple example of what I mean, Arcade Gannon. He seems to be untouched by NVR, except the value for his hair length is smaller. Yuki merged, which includes the mod listed by the OP, sets it back to the vanilla state overwriting the "fix". Lots of the other random mods, like the Uncut Series say, have vanilla values for NPCs like Pacer and so the Bashed Patch picks those and we lose the improvement of NVR or what have you. I'm a giant novice, though, so mucking about in the guts of my creaky, only-just-working setup is intimidating)

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