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Not seeing Skyrim files in CK??



Hey all, this one is driving me crazy...


I'm working with CK from Mod Organizer, all set up 100% per STEP instructions.   I have not extracted the skyrim BSAs, with the exception of creating the optimized texture folders.  When in CK I can only see a portion of the meshes and textures that are actually in these files?  


For example, I want to create a static version of a fishing pole.  I see that the clutter version of fishingpole uses the mesh from clutter/common/FishingPole.nif.  So I create a new static and edit model navigate to the clutter/common folder and there is no FishingPole.nif there to use?  I know I could just copy and paste the file path to get the correct image, but wondering specifically why there's no list I can scroll through of all the available NIFs in the clutter/common folder?


I can see any other file from any other mod that is not in BSA format.  My question is can CK actually see all the files in a BSA, or do I need to create a separate folder of extracted meshes, textures, scripts, etc (from vanilla and all DLCs) to be able to use all of these files in CK? 





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