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Some eyes "look" right

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Anybody know how to fix the issue where certain characters have eyes that aren't lined up correctly, so they appear to be looking to the right? It's only a few, like the hookers in Atomic Wrangler, but occasionally it's someone important.



I've got the FCO and Redesigned setup like in the guide, except that I've added the FCO eye fix to stop people from having double pupils in each eyeball.




Not quite related but this made me think of it: Is it supposed to turn out so that some characters have the really nice faces of FCO, while mosat people have just the more or less vanilla faces of Redesigned (with the added cuts and scars and such)?


As an example, the dead courier found in Primm, on the FCO Nexus page he looks like this: https://static-5.nexusmods.com/15/mods/130/images/54460-1-1411676601.jpg whereas in my game he's got the vanilla African face but with the bullet hole and such. I'm just wondering if that's intended.

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I know I am sounding like a broken record at this point, and most people don't agree with me. However, my main point is that if you use FCO and NVR3 together you will have some strange issues popping up here and there. For me personally the issues are too immersion breaking for me. This is why I stick to only using one of the beautification mods. The ideal thing would be if someone made a compatibility patch for the two mods. Though the author of NVR3 will claim that it is 100% compatible with FCO, I have found in hours of playing that this only causes mis-matching faces and bodies. I could write a long argument as to why I think NVR3 should be taken out of the guide. However, it is Ess' guide and I feel as though my concerns have already been stated and that it is his choice in the end and I don't want to cross boundaries. Before I ramble on too much longer: you will have to make the decision yourself as to if you would like to use both with some issues cropping up occasionally or stick to one or even neither to prevent said issues. I know this didn't really answer your question but I hope it helps.


Cheers, Audley 

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Since New Vegas Redesigned 3 is placed under FCO if there is any change made by both mods then the last one loaded would be displayed in the game, in this case NVR3. Vanilla game has vanilla african man without bullet hole, so I'm sure both FCO and NVR3 modded that man, and because NVR3 placed last, the man from NVR3 appears in game. 


As for the difference of each mod, FCO deals exclusively on character overhauls, NVR3 also made changes on other things. FCO aims to be as realistic as possible and NVR3 tries to stick to the lore. I love both and installed both and yes some characters always look slightly to the right instead of to the camera like vanilla guys. But other than that I found no other problem.

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I wouldn't call it "slightly" but alright. Thing is it doesn't seem to be the vanilla eyes that  do it. Like Joanna, the hooker you save from Gamorrah, she's got unique eyes called "joannasicksubtle" that NVR gives her, and hers are broken.


So... does that mean "Yes, it's the expected result that some characters have the really nice detailed faces from the one mod while others have crappy vanilla ones (but made lore-friendly and sometimes less potato-ey)"? 

It's weird the guy uses the mod with great faces as the base, but didn't take advantage of it

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Oh and the beard thing. Are lots of beards kind of messed up for everyone? Transparent in places, occasionally like half a barely visible goatee hanging down...


Stuff like this (click to see what I mean): post-7619-0-18781700-1440813370_thumb.jpg


(Don't have a pic of the half-goatee, but it's like just the left half and barely visible)

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