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Crashing no mods installed



I followed the guide but haven't activated any of the mods on the left side.  I've started the game before using the guide.  I started my game before installing some mods except extenders and the 4gb updated.  Now nothing works nvse or 4gb so I'm at my wits end.  I saw that you have to use mo 1.3.8 and I am using that too.

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1. I can't the start the game bypassing MO.


If you can't start the game without using MO, then it will make no difference what the logs say. This sounds more like a case of broken vanilla INIs or corrupted game files.


Assume you have no mods installed and you are not using NVSE or the 4GB patcher. Just run the game from its launcher and see what happens. If your game refuses to load with that setup you will need to do some serious re-installing of the game as that is a major game failure. Nothing in MO's settings will be able to fix a game that can't be loaded from the desktop.

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So what you are essentially saying is: "my 'vanilla' game is crashing"?


If no mods are active, and you have only the bare minimum NVSE plugins installed then the places to look are things that affect ALL games, the INIs and the vanilla plugins and BSAs.


  1. Can the game be started from the desktop bypassing MO?
  2. Are the BSAs active and enabled in MO? Checked by looking at the 'Archives' tab.
  3. Are the plugins and the rest of the game verified by Steam?

Also it would be helpful to have you clarify what YOU mean by 'crash'. Do you get to the main screen and no further or does it not load into memory or do you have to kill its process with Task Manager? Whatever the case, posting the logs for examination will assist us.

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1. I can't the start the game bypassing MO.

2. All BSAs are active in the archives tab

3. Yes I verified them after I installed the game also after I installed MO


4gb does its loading game with the scrolling green bar then gets to the first screen and get the game isn't responding pop up.


Sorry for not typing very well just stressed out is all.

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When I have that problem I check the "Plugins.txt", "LoadOrdrer.txt" and others like it.  


Under \AppData\Local\FalloutNV =AppData may be hidden.

and \Mod Organizer\Profiles\[ProfileName]\Plugins.txt ; LoadOrder.txt and the like.  

I do that to make sure nothing is out of order or to make sure nothing was added that's not suppose to be listed.

It happens.


No go?  Then I would Verify Integrity of Game Cache and make sure that's all good.


Still Problems?  Then do what GrantSP said and give us some Logs ::):

https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Mod_Organizer  Check "8.1" under "General Tab" of MO's Options for the Log Level.

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