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dps & dmg discrepancy

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I've noticed the weapon wheel values (in that pop-up when you switch) don't match the values in your pip-boy.


They're not even close, regardless of ammo type.


For instance I just grabbed Ratslayer (forgetting that one of these mods removes the weapon mods from uniques, which I dislike), and  with match ammo the pipboy claims 26 dmg 55 dps while the wheel claims 23 dmg 30 dps.


They're all like that, making it very difficult to choose weapons.

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I personally don't use this mod, but I'd venture a guess at the displayed DMG and DPS is the weapons base stats without player skill taken into consideration. If that is the case they should atleast allow you to compare between weapons in the same category, as they'll have the same bonuses. Not sure though.

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