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Raider Race Texture Issues



So I've followed the guide down to the letter, started a new game, and chose the female raider race from Fallout Character Overhaul. Now I have pink hands, like there is a missing texture, and the body texture looks like it would if you had Archive Invalidation turned off.





I 100% have Archive Invalidtion turned on, with the BSA at the top of the list. When I first tried the guide I used Type6M body instead of Type 3 everything worked fine, after a little bit of playing I decided to go with Type 3 instead, that's when I had these issues. I reinstalled everything and started a new game, same issues, and only with the raider race. Every other race works fine. No idea what could be causing this.


EDIT: Okay, so I went into FNVEdit to see if the Bashed Patch was looking for the wrong files, nope perfectly fine. Then I cross checked the files it was looking for in Mod Organizer under the Data tab...well...there were absolutely no files under "\textures\characters\raiderfemale\" except for 3 "Headhuman.dds" files. So either something didn't install right, or one of the mods I skipped had those textures. The latter I find unlikely because non of the mods I skipped had anything to do with female body textures, but you never know. I installed a female raider skin mod and it's fixed.


I'd really like to know where something screwed up. So if anyone that didn't have this problem wants to help me out you can check in your Mod Orangizer data tab, scroll to the bottom and expand textures>characters>raiderfemale And see what mods "upperbodyfemale.dds" and "handfemale.dds" are assigned to on the right.

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