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Problem following F&L guide - fixed but wanted to mention it!





I have been following the amazing S.T.E.P. Fear and Loathing guide, after I had some issues with eyeballs and FCO. Of course that led me to installing even more mods. I spend most of last night going through the guide, things had gone well and had worked when prompted to check. But after getting to about the body replacers, things weren't working - I could open the game normally through 4GB or NVSE, but not using Mod Organizer.


So I posted a "HELP ME" thread to reddit after trying to work on it and went to bed frustrated. This morning, rested and with a cup of coffee, I made a copy of my MO profile, unchecked everything, and started to go through it all. Problem found! The Advanced Recon mods don't seem to want to work for me. Specifically the trap detector and the thermal vision. I am thinking perhaps it is because they conflict with Project Nevada, but not being an expert I do not know. I do know PN took some of those advanced recon ideas and put them into their mods, though, right? So it makes sense to me.


I wanted to post this in case other folks end up having the same problem, if someone has a solution I could try to apply to get those mods to work for me, or if it might be worth mentioning this in the S.T.E.P. FNV guide so people are aware it can sometimes happen.


Thanks for the amazing guide! It is incredibly straightforward and very, very helpful to those of us who honestly don't know what we're doing.

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