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Smoke & Lantern glow bug - Blue colour in sky



Hi all,


I'm having a weird issue when looking at brazier smoke & lantern glow, but only when they're aligned with the sky. 

When the smoke is between me and another object, it seems to be alight, however when aligned with the sky, the smoke seems to be blue?


  • When I turn ENB off, there isn't an issue
  • I'm using Serenity ENB 


See below




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It may be an issue with real clouds.

Some textures which have transparency in them which causes a known bug in Skyrim. Some mods will make this issue more apparent and this could be a case of that. If so, there's nothing that can be done about it as it's an engine limitation.

Thanks for your replies,


As 'hishutup' suggested, it was indeed Real Clouds causing the issue.



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