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  1. IHi all, I've installed Vivid Weathers and NLVA as instructed = Everything works as intended. However, using Aeon ENB (Lucid NLVA), there is a blue fog / mist a set distance from the player (similar to the issue seen in this video) This then extends, making long distances / mountains etc. look rather odd... Image 1 | Image 2 It is definitly this ENB which is the problem, as the NLVA ENb + Rudy NLVA ENB do not have this issue, nor does it happen with the ENB disabled. Not sure if this issue requires my modlist, but I'm happy to post one if required! Many thanks, Mix
  2. These stutters tend to happen when moving between cells due to the new cells, and their respective assets (textures etc.) , being loaded in. Obviously, higher resolution textures will have more of an impact, as will anything that adds a lot of new textures (SFO for example). Couple of quick tips: Enable V-SyncIncrease the value of "reservedmemory"Downgrade some textures (Any textures that are used a lot (skin / grass etc.) or you "don't really need high res" (4k flowers etc))Check the "Stuttering" section of the STEP guideHopefully these will tide you over until someone better qualified turns up!
  3. The fact that you've only got STEP mods should help narrow things down! Until someone more experienced comes along, I've only got a couple of basic suggestions for you :/ 1. Instead of loading a 'clean save', I personally would use 'coc qasmoke' from the main menu 2. If you haven't already, might be worth checking the CTD section of the STEP Guide 3. For the sake of problem isolation, I'd disable your ENB / reset it back to just the STEP recommended settings 4. I'm sure many have no issues, but I personally found 'Footprints', 'Wet & Cold', and 'Enhanced Blood Textures' caused a lot of crashes for me... I'd recommend copying your current MO profile, to a new 'test' profile, then disabling those 3 mods (and any dependencies(such as the STEP patch)) to see if you can go longer 45 seconds! Best of luck!
  4. I see in your modlist you're at 247 plugins. Just be sure, you're going over the 255 limit are you? Quick edit just bouncing off Sonreac's comment: It might be worth instead of using the save you mentioned, using 'coc qasmoke' to ensure it's a compeltely fresh instance.
  5. Excellent! Thank you very much for your swift and informative replies! I'll start testing to see which mod(s) is guilty and go from there, thanks again :)
  6. Thanks for the instructions, I've done this on several records, including those I KNOW contain scripts but the log reads: "Applying script... No matching records found. [Apply Script done] Processed Records: 101441, Elapsed Time: 00:17" I've ensured I am following them correctly, and have done it multiple times but the result is the same.. Even on "Skyrim.esm"... Not sure if I edited my previous post in time, but selecting "fxDustDropRandomACT" in "Skyrim.esm" harbours "fxDustDropRandomScript" With it being referenced 48 times by DLC & mods. Is this the same result which was expected from the method you detailed? Based on this, should I limit my testing to only the mods which reference this script?
  7. Hmm.. I had a feeling it wouldn't be a fault within the script itself.. Especially after being fixed UPP Team! Ah brilliant! I don't mind doing the leg-work to find the offending script as it's causing crashes every 10-15 minutes randomly.. Please pardon my ignorance, but am I to assume that I select USLEEP, alongside all my other scripted mods, then manually check each script to see if it interacts with fxDustDropRandomScript? EDIT: I've found the script under "fxDustDropRandomAct", and found it referenced 48 times. I take it that one of these of these is the offending mod?
  8. Ahh, sorry for the additional difficulty! I had a feeling you'd say that.. Thanks a lot for taking a look! As I mentioned in my OP, I have removed a fair amount of scripted mods in order to reduce the number of CTDs.. The following screens show only mods which contain scripts (all BSAs have been extracted so there are none hidden there). It's troublesome as over half of the mods are contained within the STEP guide, with the remainder being fairly established mods... Don't suppose this would help narrow down the cause?..
  9. Unfortunately not, it is provided solely by USLEEP...
  10. Hi all, I have crashed multiple times, starting a new game each time. Having checked the logs, there seems to be a recurrent trend of the log ending with a lot of spam relating to "fxDustDropRandomSCRIPT". I have removed multiple scripted mods, following good practices, used various crash fixing mods / inis etc. but still no joy. I AM using USLEEP which I thought remedied this.. I understand though that this could just be a coincidence, and caused by something different, but I would really appreciate one of you fine folk giving it a look over :) Many thanks, Mix Modlist: https://pastebin.com/627DDm5F Load Order: https://pastebin.com/diMjbHYf Papyrus: https://pastebin.com/cmBzsF04
  11. Thanks for your reply, and simple instructions! Unfortunately, the patch still has EBT as a master... I have followed your guide to the letter and have opened the patch again and double checked that all records have been removed. Despite cleaning and sorting masters, EBT remains.. Am I missing something simple? Thanks, Mix EDIT: Just gone through all other sections to make sure there were no stray records but all reference to EBT has gone...
  12. Hi all, I'm pretty sure I've narrowed down my CTDs to EBT, so unfortunately, it's got to go, However, STEP Extended Patch has EBT as a master plugin... Is there any way to remove references to EBT from STEP EP? As I use every other mod in the guide so don't want to remove it. Thanks, Mix
  13. FIXED: Just rolled back to my previous profile, ensured everything worked, then copied the profile and made my changes. Everything is now working perfectly.. Unsure why this happened, can't explain why, but that's my fix :) ----------------------------------------- Hi all, TESV & LOOT All executables were working last night and I haven't made any changes, however when they're launched, they aren't registering my mods... EDIT: I selected my previous profile, and all exes are working! But my latest won't... Have tried: - Running MO as Admin - Adding TESV & LOOT as new exes. - Restarting PC Any ideas? Cheers, Mix LOOT Options: TESV loading Options: TESV Log:
  14. Thanks for your quick response, This was exactly the issue! Ticked it, and the textures are there. Thanks :)
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