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[SOLVED] Custom Texture Packs don't change textures! Stuck with Vanilla!



Hello, everyone!

So I followed the guide and installed all the mods and so on and so forth and everything is fine,
BUT all the textures from NMC or POCO about the world are not working! I am stuck with the vanilla textures and I don't know why...
The character and clothes redesigns work, but anything about the roads and houses doesnt.....
I have tried 3 versions of the archive invalidated....
Also my ini files are not read only. I don't know what to do now, please help!

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I know this will sound retarded as hell, but I had the same issue and googled around a bit.

What worked for me is this:


- make sure Archive Invalidation of Mod Organizer in the profile section is ticked

- Untick all .BSA in the Archive tab of Mod Organizer

- start the game

- it will crash without a doubt

- reactivate all the .BSA in the Archive tab


It should work now. I don't know why, but it worked for me and I hope it will for you.



Edit: on second thought that probably only does what oghansoloqo already mention. Moving the Indalidation.bsa to the top of the archives

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