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"Red Is Unconscious"



Hey, I have a really annoying problem. :/


I already played like 15 hours and I saved Red from the Super Mutants. I also put Red the slave collar on and sent her to Paradise Falls.

Now, a few hours later I keep getting every few seconds the message "Red is unconscious". Well, I thought it would go away, but it isn't... 

I did some Talon Company Merc killing and suddenly Red popps up next to me. I cannot kill her and I cannot talk to her...




I hope you can help me, because it is really immersion breaking and very annoying. :/



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Update: Red keeps getting teleported to me, everywhere I go.. 

I tried to resurrect her, but it does not work.. I also tried to disable her, but then I get constant gamecrashes..


Update 2: I think I somehow bandaid fixed it.. I just set Red to non essential, she magically disappeared. :D Beforehand I tried to disable, enable, kill and resurrect her, you could say to reset her, but that had no effect. Now with one simple "setessential 25251 0" I somehow fixed it. :O

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