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Clear and Present Danger F03 Guide - Missing Masters?



After going through the guide, all the way down through the Conditional Mods section, looking at the plugins list shows a few "missing masters" warnings. I'm just curious if this is expected, or perhaps I missed something?


I have not yet sorted the load order (it is in the order as installing placed them), I have not done any bashed patch or merged patches, I have not optimized the textures, or done anything else outside of the steps outlined in the guide, up to this point.


The mods with the warning (unsorted load order);


GlowingGhouls-MMM.esp; missing Master 'Mart's Mutant Mod.esm'

xCALIBR_20CW_v5.12.esp; missing Master 'xCALIBR.esm'

Mart's Mutant Mod - Natural Selection.esp; missing Master 'Mart's Mutant Mod.esm'

Mart's Mutant Mod - Zones Respawn.esp; missing Master 'Mart's Mutant Mod.esm'

Compatibility Plugin00 TalonCo & Marts.esp; missing Master 'xCALIBR.esm'

SVDforFWE.esp; ; missing Master 'ZL-SVD-xCALIBR.esm'

20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn Cut Weapons.esp; ; missing Master 'xCALIBR.esm'

20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp; missing Master 'xCALIBR.esm'

Blackened FWE + MMM + EVE + Project Beauty.esp; missing Master 'Mart's Mutant Mod.esm'


Any feedback is appreciated.

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Is Mart's Mutant Mod.esm activated?

No, it's not currently activated. That's how it was set after installation, not sure why; and I haven't changed any active/inactive settings yet since I'm still working through the remainder of the guide. I assumed that once I finished the guide, and the LO was properly sorted, then I'd have a better idea of what might need be activated, etc., but just felt I should check at this juncture - since I finished installation of the mods - just to be certain and clear.


Sorry, I should've known to make notations of activation status on the load order I posted, as well as named the "missing .esm's" to those mods - will have to fix that later.



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It's likely then that you didn't add the Paradox Ignition MMM mod. If you use MMM then the rest of mods in that subsection are required. I'll change the guide to make that clearer.

Thanks. Based on that suggestion,I took a look and see I did add the PI MMM mod, but perhaps I missed a step or something in the process. I'll do a more thorough pass at it again, as

I didn't have a chance to really look deeper before heading out today.

I also noticed at a glance this morning that a few mods reporting a missing dependency on xCALIBR.esm, which does not appear to be installed properly.


I'll have to give the whole thing another detailed pass through review to be certain, see where I may have messed up or determine why there are marked as missing .esm or.esp dependencies - to help see where/how it was missed. If I can help clarify any steps in the guide, it's worth doing.


Keep up the great work!


[uPDATE 1: found that the xCALIBR.esm is installed with the 'eXcalibr Ammo eXpansion Pack' mod, but I had it set to the 'Optional ESPs' folder. The guide says to "move CALIBR.esm to Optional ESPs" and that may be causing some confusion; thus it will likely be assumed the guide means 'xCALIBR.esm' and not 'CALIBR.esm. This needs to be corrected and clarified in the guide. ]


[uPDATE 2: found I had moved the wrong .esp for the 'SVD Dragunov' mod, thus the missing Master 'ZL-SVD-xCALIBR.esm' was in 'Optional ESPs' when it should be the 'ZL-SVD.esp' plugin instead. So I just swapped them.]

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