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Endless Loading Screen with NVSE and 4GB Launcher



Hi everyone,


I recently decided to play Fallout New Vegas again, I found this guide and I thought i give it a try.


But my problem now is after I was done installing and tweaking etc. I launched the game and everything was fine I clicked new game the intro sequence came and it looked fine but then I got a endless loading screen and everythign I found in the internet didn't helped me. I ran it with the normal launcher in MO and it worked but not with the NVSE or the 4Gb Launcher.


So, if you guys have any ideas that could help me i would appreciate it.




PS: Sorsy for my bad english it's not my first language.

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Seems like I fixed it.

Looked like I had the no gore version which is kinda odd because I've got the ultimate edition from steam which should be uncut (even in germany) so I had to download a uncut patch


anyway thanks for the fast reply it helped me to get what was wrong. :3

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