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I can't find "Create Mod" option in Overwrite


Hello, I can't find "Create Mod" option in Mod Organizer. I right clicked overwrite, but there's no option for it.post-7160-0-32604600-1434035043_thumb.jpg

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    • By Bluegunk
      I'm finding the latest MO2 very smooth and efficient for my Skyrim SE - almost back to the good old days. Thank you!
      I have a two quick queries about Overwrite, and I could not easily see comments on these when I searched: 
      I can't get the drag and drop to work a lot of the time. So I have to do this manually in Windows Explorer. In itself no real problem but I'm wondering if I need to tweak my MO2 INI files or something? Or is the Overwrite a W.I.P.? SSEEdit is a bit of a mess for me. Say I clean an ESP, the results go into Overwrite and the esp vanishes from the Mod. I have to move the altered ESP back myself. I could tick the replace into the mod, I suppose, but the backed up ESPs don't seem to go where they would normally, which is an SSE backup folder.   I may be simply missing a trick here, like an INI setting, so this is a quick call for advice for best practice with SSEEdit. I'm finding Loot, Wrye Bash and FNIS run great. BTW - it's all run on an SSD away from Program Files, etc.
      Many thanks!
    • By NikiRandom
      I was wondering about overwrite mods in general, eg output from SKSE, FNIS, Bodyslide etc.

      Where is the best place for the overwrites, in the sense of load order? Should they be placed with the mods that generate them, or just after any mods that they might effect, or should they go right at the bottom where the original overwrite entry is?  I read somewhere about "dynamic" mods needing to go at the bottom, and I'm thinking that overwrites probably qualify as dynamic.

      I've experimented with all of these and it often seems to make little or no difference, but when I've installed a few dozen mods and CTDs start rearing their heads then I start thinking about what various contributing factors there might be.

      I've also experimented with the "Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite" option. Particularly with FNIS which seems happier that way. Without this option ticked I have to run FNIS twice every time I use it, otherwise it says "ERROR(53): Could not find file 'temporary_logs\Skeleton.xml'."  It's like FNIS doesn't know where to look for the xml. Am I doing the correct thing here or is there a better solution?

      On a vaguely related topic too ... when SKSE has overwrite data, is it best that it all goes into the same overwrite mod or would it be better to create a different overwrite for each mod that creates the SKSE data? So far I've only done the former and it seems to work ok, but again when I start getting CTDs then I wonder about anything that might be contributing in any way.

      Thanks, and sorry if these are daft questions.
    • By dendritic
      So, after Updating FNIS Behavior through MO, 3 files get created and placed into the "Overwrite" folder, and we have to "create a new Mod" using MO with those files generated by FNIS.

      But I tried running the animations in the game WITHOUT creating a new mod with the overwrite files, and the animations still worked perfectly.

      What exactly is the purpose of "creating a new Mod" with the overwrite files? I assume it's to get the animation behaviors working properly, but then why are the animations working for me without the need to create the new mod?
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