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  1. I've completed all my Lodding again (and it all went well, thank you for the tools you kindly provide). I waded through SSEEdit and compared any conflicting water records, but after a while my eyes started to melt. RW2 is at the end of my load order and wins, and I can't see any discrepancy over Skyrim and Update, and I lost the will to live after multiple columns. I have the variations in height caused by mod author actions all accounted for, so I don't get those mod-caused seams. Please don't waste any of your time on this; I was really looking for advice and you have kindly provided that thank you!
  2. Thank you. Yes, I forgot Dyndolod is the bits and pieces. I've since generated terrain and water LOD using xLODGEN but I still have the distant seams. Even on a vanilla game I get these 'patches' where the water detail and vanilla flow appear to change in a line with distance from player. Perhaps these can't be changed. Thanks for your help!
  3. PS - I'm just sorting out using xLodGen so I might be on the path to sorting this... May I please ask for some 'good practice' advice? In the past I've happily generated LOD but vanilla issues such as distance seams in water have been an irritant. Here's what I mean: https://i.postimg.cc/hv4bg35L/Water-seams.jpg I use Real Water 2, and regardless of using vanilla water or this mod, these distant seams occur. The same in other large bodies of water and the sea. I believe they are a vanilla issue, and mods like RW2 only serve to show it up more. How should I best go about blending or hiding these seams? Can I use INI file adjustments? Achieve it through Dyndolod, or other mods? I'd like to get this right before running Dyndolod. I've searched for advice but I think here might be the best place for an answer. To be clear: I'm not talking about local seams caused by mods (Like TAWOBA)! I'm pretty much on top of those and familiar with them. I've also checked this Lakeview area for water variances. Any guidance would be most helpful. Many thanks!
  4. If the billboard txt files are missing, then the object bounds from the tree base record are used to determine the dimensions. It sometimes happen that the bounds are wrong. If the txt files exists and sets width= but does set a depth=, add a new line setting depth to same value as the width. I'm pleased to say your advice did the trick! Many thanks for that. It was a bit of a plod through the billboard texts adding the extra line, but the results justified the efforts! Thank you!
  5. Thank you! OK, I went through the billboards and all the text files have height and width (apart from one mod which adds a couple of tree models in the Reach). But no Depth. I'll add those and see what happens. (However, these are the same billboards and mods I used with success, previously.)
  6. Hi! May I please beg some help? I am building my next play-through, and I've hit a bit of an unusual brick wall with Wazalang's Ultra Trees approach. My previous build worked fine, and I have made no changes to it apart from swapping a couple of player houses.But when I updated Dyndolod to the latest iteration, I cannot get the process to generate the tree LOD I had before. I'm now getting this weird stretched texture for more distant trees in LOD: https://postimg.cc/k2QjFvQZhttps://postimg.cc/cr8k6Srd And further, some of the detail appears to be missing. I use 1024 in Texgen and Dyndolod and the ultra trees setting in the Dyndolod ini. I make no other changes in the Advanced set up other than brightness adjustment. I've also tried rolling back to the previous version of Enhance Vanilla Trees, from 2.0 to 1.9. It's like part of, or all of Dyndolod is not being applied in game, or something is lost in translation. I'm happy to dig around and find out what is going wrong, but please can someone offer a direction for me to look in? Have I broken an INI file? Missed a setting?I've previously run Dyndolod without a problem, and for several years. Thank you. My Trees set up in Mod Org 2 is thus: [spoiler=Trees install order]HD Lods Textures Terrain LOD Redone Bent Pines Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE 1.9 Enhanced Landscapes ELOS Oaks Mixed Greens Reach Tree Replacer Trees AddOn SE Enhanced Landscapes SE Green & Lush Aspen Trees SE Majestic Mountains Darkside LOD Pack Tree LOD Billboards for Beyond Skyrim Bruma (+hotfix) Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE Billboards for Dyndolod Reach Tree Replacer SSE Billboards Reach Tree Replacer SSE Dyndolod Ultra Trees Addon SE Billboards
  7. Thank you for your fast reply, Sheson. I ran Texgen on 512 tile size, Dyndolod on 2048. I have a hefty video card. I got the "Dyndolodic Poles" on two runs. But looking at my set-up I realise I need probably to use the extra billboard from EVT which I bet will have the Alphas. I'll re-run and I bet it will be good this time. If I have a problem I'll come back. But I should be OK. If not, I'll study the mip-maps. Thank you for the advice! Update - yes I'm all OK now thank you.
  8. I wonder if anyone can suggest what is up with my Dyndolod causing these tree 'poles'? https://i.postimg.cc/MTSCNLLX/Dyndolodic-Poles.jpg I'm on Skyrim SE, my main mods are Enhanced Vanilla Tress (lush, large), Majestic Mountains, and Trees in Cities. I don't have a lot else. I run Dydnolod on Medium, 2048, and use the 3D tree output. Thanks!
  9. Ignore my plea for help. I am a stupid clunker; I forgot to install the resources. Duh. All working perfectly now...of course! Thanks anyway and once again: thanks for a great resource.
  10. I wonder if you can help me please? I'm running SSE, using MO2, latest game, Papyrus Util and SKSE versions (etc), and have used Dyndolod in the past with no issues. On a new game today, using version 2.44 (clean install, old Dyndolods removed) and with all the required files up to date, I generated Texgen and Dyndolod output in hat appears to have been a successful process. The process also gave me the ESM and ESP which I used LOOT to sort as normal. On running my game I get an error box telling me: Dyndolod requires Dyndolod plugins version 2.30 [OK]. On going outside I get a warning "Dyndolod can not find master data in Dyndolod_Tamriel.json". There is no MCM starting, either. I looked on the FAQ and can see something relevant to this but can't think of a solution given I'm using MO2. I ran the ESP and ESM through SSEEdit and they seemed fine, returned no errors. I had a look at logs and they seemed OK, but I am not sure which ones you would need to see so do let me know if you need any of them. LOD does seem to be in place and working, ni fact improving my framerate a bit, too. Thank you in advance for any support you can give!
  11. Brilliant! You are such a grand help - thank you Sheson!
  12. Skyrim SE, Bruma. I notice there were issues with Bruma static LOD ('Oldrim' Bruma forum), and you recommended generating tree LOD only for the region. How do I omit the Bruma static LOD using the DynDOLOD interface, please? Or do I need to do that at Mod level? I unpacked the Bruma SE BSA to access tree LOD. Thanks!
  13. Thank you for your patient help, Sheson! I pulled back from the Ultra Trees by switching off the Full Replacement, cleaned up Bruma where I had some issues, and a couple of other mods generating errors, and I had a completely successful run of Dyndolod. All good now and looking great. Many thanks!
  14. I'm glad to realise the boxes aren't stalled - just extremely busy. Thank you. I've been cleaning a few mods and tidied my Bruma installation, too. I'm hoping these will help. I'll try again, now, with a scaled back operation.
  15. Thank you for replying, Sheson. Kind of you to take the time. I didn't know where the "ArnimaDuplicate" came from. Since it is the author then I'll happily ignore it. I'm worried about the incomplete logs and the empty Falskaar one: [spoiler=From end of main log:]Waiting for LODGenx64.exe to finish ... [00:35:35.920] [00:35:35.933] LODGenx64.exe for DLC2SolstheimWorld completed succesfully [00:35:35.946] [00:35:35.961] LODGenx64.exe for MarkarthWorld completed succesfully [00:35:35.977] [00:35:35.992] LODGenx64.exe for DLC01SoulCairn completed succesfully [00:35:36.008] LODGenx64.exe for DLC2ApocryphaWorld completed succesfully [00:35:36.020] LODGenx64.exe for SkuldafnWorld completed succesfully [00:35:36.035] LODGenx64.exe for Sovngarde completed succesfully [00:35:36.051] LODGenx64.exe for ArnimaVoid completed succesfully [00:35:36.066] LODGenx64.exe for DeepwoodRedoubtWorld completed succesfully [00:35:36.082] LODGenx64.exe for DLC1HunterHQWorld completed succesfully [00:35:36.098] LODGenx64.exe for Blackreach completed succesfully [00:35:36.114] LODGenx64.exe for arnimaTheHollow completed succesfully [00:35:36.126] LODGenx64.exe for ArnimaDagonRealm completed succesfully [00:35:36.136] LODGenx64.exe for DLC01FalmerValley completed succesfully [00:35:36.144] [00:35:36.153] LODGenx64.exe for JaphetsFollyWorld completed succesfully [00:35:36.163] LODGenx64.exe for Kirkmore completed succesfully [00:35:36.171] [00:35:36.179] There were errors in one or more LODGen logs (see report above) resulting in incomplete static object LOD. [00:35:36.188] Check the LODGen logs and fix cause of errors. [00:35:36.195] Switch to expert mode and try re-running LODGen.exe for these wordspaces with the already exported LOD data. [00:35:36.204] [00:35:36.212] DynDOLOD Worlds completed successfully. [00:36:25.882] [37:11] Saving: DynDOLOD.esm [00:36:27.724] [37:12] Saving: DynDOLOD.esp [00:36:28.461] [37:13] Done saving. [00:36:28.471] Saving: Settings [00:36:28.493] Saving: Logs The incomplete logs look like they stalled in DOS boxes. I hear what you are saying: let them run through. I'll see if I can trace what's stalling them.
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