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Darnified UI without FWE

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I realize Clear & Present Danger is meant to require Core mods, but I'm trying to get it working without FWE. I just don't like the massive overhaul to gameplay for FWE, I'd like to play a mostly vanilla experience with enhanced visuals, audio, bug fixes, etc. 


I removed FWE and all mods requiring it. The only problem I've run into so far is with the UI. Above the health bar and compass in the lower right corner, I get about 3 lines of gibberish. I can make out "NV" and also what looks like "Error 26." There are several lines of text over each other so its hard to read. 


This was in a new save btw, not a save that started with FWE. 


Is the problem that I no longer have the "DarnUI Support for FWE" plugin? Has anyone else ever experienced this type of error? 


EDIT: Just to be clear, I had FWE installed before and the UI was fine. This is a new issue that resulted from removing FWE and also the Better Map and Icons mod because I couldn't get the PipBoy window to resize. I suppose the issue might be with Better Map if that changes the UI

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As I mentioned in other posts, FWE is very configurable and, unlike other mods that change game parameters, allows configuring these. Almost all of the significant gameplay changes can be eliminated or greatly reduced except for the addition of some armor and weapons.


If FWE isn't used the final update to Darnified UI, "DarnifiedUIF3-hotfix", will also be needed (FWE included it in the "DarnUI_Support_for_FWE"). It should be installed just after the other DarnUI files. See if that fixes the problems you are having. UIO recomputes the interface changes each time it runs so it should recognize the changes.


The recommended Pipboy replacer, Omnis pipboy 3000, doesn't change the vanilla UI, unlike the other replacers mentioned. If you prefer there are other pipboy map replacers, but they don't have as much detail as the one in the guide. Since you made changes to Darnified UI, the "Better High Detail Map and Icons" mod needs to be removed and reinstalled after you fix the DarnUI issue. Some users have had problems with this mod, especially when they make changes to the mods installed prior to this mod. Reinstalling it fixes the problems in many cases.

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