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aMidianBorn Dwarven Armor


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:) i completed it in a damn hurry since my real life work kept me a lot busy this month... hope results are satisfactory.

my plan is currently to finish regular shield... and (maybe) spellbreaker.

and ...good news....finally a complete package is ready for release (almost ready) will be out in october...first days .... i'll try to finish what has been freezed in last weeks ...co-operation and so 'till the end of september... this would probably lead to an INDORIL armor remake...pretty happy to work on that armor...always loved.

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thanks a lot JudgmentJay and EisDrache

matching shield and probably other dwarven stuffs are almost ready... i'll be sure to post here a mediafire link if somebody is interested in seeing current developments... why?... because! :)

What are you waiting for, post it! :p

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