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Which ENB?


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Hi everyone!

Ok, so here's the deal. I like Pineapple Vision ENB (I prefer the DARK version but I'm using SynCOT for Climates of Tamriel ATM) the problem is the performance hit is incredible. I go from a solid 45-53 FPS to 8-25 FPS the usual range for the latter being from 9-17 FPS. I don't mind Fimbulvinter but it's a bit washed too washed out.


All in all I need a decently performing ENB that enhances color, helps set the mood in dungeon (somewhat like Realistic Lighting With Customization's Vision Setting for Dungeons ETC, something that darkens dungeons so it's not like being outside and not so much that I have to hold a torch or equip a lantern to scratch my nose)


I have disabled DOF and that gave me about 5 FPS. Another part of the problem I hear is that the Climates of Tamriel version is using the 117 Beta of ENB which is apparently even more of a resource hog than usual. I've looked at the comparision package with all the images but can't decide plus it doesn't give me any idea how hard they hit performance.



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This has been a long time but this performance testing has been a part of my testing the last week. If you want the best ENB with CoT compatibility use SkyRealism - Cinematic or True Vision Cinematic ENBs. CoT is compatible is they provide the best performance in my tests with CoT. However, this WILL depend on your individual hardware how good of a performance you get.

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